Google Doorway Pages vs. Independent Hotel Websites – Explained

Google Doorway Explained:

There has been a lot of confusion regarding Google’s update on March 16 regarding “Doorway Pages”. We believe that the definition of “doorway pages” has been misinterpreted, and we feel obligated to provide a few words to clarify the confusion and help our clients get a better understanding of what this means for their hotel business. Here are our views on the subject.


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Milestone Launches NAPtune™ Local Listings Management Cloud-based Software for The Hospitality Industry

Local listings management software

NAPtune allows any location-based business, including hotels and restaurants, to manage their local business listings across the digital ecosystem in a single interface.


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One Simple Tip To Increase Facebook Post Reach

increase facebook organic reach

As Facebook continues to limit what shows up in users’ feeds, here’s a simple tactic your hotels can do to make sure it continues to gain engagement, views, and brand awareness.


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I Don’t Want to Bid on My Hotel Brand Terms!

Paid Search Marketing for Hotels

PPC for hotel strategies should include bidding on brand terms, Milestone Marketing explains the benefits for the strategy.


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Finding The Right Hospitality Website Design Agency

Hospitality Website Design Partnership:

Finding the right hospitality website design agency is crucial to your hotel’s online business success. Here are a few things to check when researching who to partner with.


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Was Your Hotel Prepared for #Mobilegeddon?

How Will Google’s Mobile-Friendly Ranking Signal Affect Hotels?

April 21 marked the beginning of “Mobilegeddon”. Was your hotel prepared? Find out how you can save your website.


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Local Search Association Conference [Educational Session]

Local Search Ecosystem

Benu Aggarwal speaks at the 2015 Local Search Association Conference, highlighting local trends and tactics for small businesses.


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