How to Get Ready for the Big Game And Other Large Events

Digital Event Planning

How well prepared is your business for large events, can your digital strategy support the Super Bowl frenzy? Milestone has comprised a quick reminder of what your website and digital marketing strategy should contain to make the most of large local events.


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How Your Hotel Benefits from Programmatic Advertising

Sojern Case Study

Understand what programmatic advertising is and how it is continuing to transform the world of digital advertising. The powers of big data and targeted ads increase your returns for your hotel paid marketing.


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Marketing Your Hotel Amenities on Search Engines

market hotel amenities

Do you have a pool? Would searchers being shown this information in the search results page turn more searchers into customers for your hotel?


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Creative Social Media Hits the Jackpot

hotel social reunion

Social media fans want to connect with your genuine brand, start thinking of unique ways to highlight your local business. Creativity and simplicity are often the best ways to market your company.


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Reflecting on 2015 to Plan for 2016: Digital Marketing Tips, Trends, and Best Practices for Hotels

mobile friendly website

Digital marketing trends are constantly changing, lets take a look back at the 2015 search engine trends and updates and see which ones are the most likely to be relevant in 2016.


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Analytics in the New Year – A Digital Managers Guide to Productivity in 2016

Unalytix Reporting

Digital marketing software, Unalytix, created to increase hotel marketers productivity and eliminate wasted time gathering data.


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Facebook App Now Being Indexed by Google

Mobile Marketing

Google is crawling into your Facebook information. Learn to what extent information is being crawled and made public.


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Tips on Developing and Promoting Hotels on the Internet