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Webinar Recap: How to Secure Digital Presence and Grow Revenue from AI Powered Search

Jun 14, 2024   |   Webinar Recap
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During the session, the fireside chat between Barry Schwartz and Benu Aggarwal provided insights into the current trends in the search industry and how AI-powered search is impacting SERP results. Our industry SEO experts, Susan Connelly and Tushar Prabhu, also shared recent best practices on using AI-powered search to increase revenue and effective AI strategy creation for your websites.

Key takeaways:

• How to maximize share of voice across all channels
• How do you optimize for AI Overviews
• Google Leaks and what they mean for marketers
• Why your digital assets – from images to videos and PDFs – matter more than ever before
• How to maximize engagement and conversions in the changing search landscape
• Steps for creating an effective AI strategy for your organization

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