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Stay up-to-date on the digital marketing strategies, techniques, and technology that impact your business. From websites, SEO, social, local, paid, the Milestone blog will help you manage digital transformation and optimize the digital experience. Learn the latest on schemas, AMP, Core Vitals, Local, reviews, and more.
International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day: Celebrating and Congratulating...

March 8, 2021   |   Leadership, Social
I want to congratulate every woman today who chose to challenge and thank everyone who has supported their dreams. Encouraging women at work and in my personal life has always...
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Webinar recap: Real Estate and Renter’s Customer Journey -, Milestone Inc.

Webinar recap: Real Estate and Renter’s Customer Journey

March 5, 2021   |   Webinar Recap
Thank you for joining, in this webinar, Milestone’s expert Erik Newton, VP of Marketing and Gaurav Varma, Sr. Product Marketing Manager discussed about SEO, local, Google My...
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Webinar Recap: Why SEO-First CMS is your path to more leads and revenue

Webinar Recap: Why SEO-First CMS is your path to more leads and...

March 2, 2021   |   Webinar Recap
Content management systems are the backbone of building websites and web applications, and they are about more than just managing content or editing lightweight assets. In this...
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Google announces ‘Passage Ranking’ - which will impact 7% of search queries

Google announces ‘Passage Ranking’ – which will impact...

February 25, 2021   |   Web Design and Promotion
In the search giant’s pursuit to offer more relevant results to its users, Google, on February 10, announced that Passage Ranking is live for English queries in the...
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Milestone Webinar_How Local Search Has Evolved

Webinar Recap: Tactics To Transform Your Local Search

February 25, 2021   |   Local Search, Webinar Recap
Milestone’s experts Emily Brady, Sr. Manager Local SEO Solution, and Erik Newton, VP of Marketing, discussed key local marketing strategies for 2021. Attendees can use the...
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Milestone PWA -, Milestone Inc. -, Milestone Inc. -, Milestone Inc.

Why Milestone Websites Use Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

February 12, 2021   |   Hotel, Web Design and Promotion
Aligning with Google & industry best practices around developing a mobile-first digital strategy, speed and responsiveness are at the top of every digital marketer’s mind....
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Universal Search and How Rich Media Content Increases SERP Visibility Milestone Inc

Universal Search and How Rich Media Content Increases SERP...

February 5, 2021   |   SEO
With the introduction of Google’s “Universal Search” back in May of 2007, brands have long become accustomed to the importance of optimizing a variety of different types of...
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Measuring Hotel Marketing Success – Milestone Inc –

Guide to Measuring Hotel Marketing Success: Where SEO...

February 2, 2021   |   Guide, Hotel
For most hoteliers, every Wednesday is STR Report Day and for them, that day is like Christmas morning–only that it comes 52 times, while Santa comes just once a year. That...
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Bank and credit union marketing, Milestone Inc.

6 Keys to Banking and Credit Union Marketing Success: Website,...

January 31, 2021   |   Banking
As a bank or credit union in the US, the past year has brought a raft of difficulties and disruption. It’s time to harness the new forms of online living that enable leads to...
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Webinar Recap: 2021 Digital Trends Webinar

Webinar Recap: Digital Marketing and Business Trends for 2021

January 29, 2021   |   Webinar, Webinar Recap
In this webinar Milestone experts, Anil Aggarwal and Erik Newton discussed key 2021 digital trends. The audience can use these trends to shape their comprehensive marketing to...
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