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Google Simplifies HowTo, QAPage and SpecialAnnouncement Schema

Google Simplifies HowTo, QAPage and SpecialAnnouncement Schema

Schema is your ticket to entity optimization as it helps search engines understand the context of your web page content and map them to relevant queries online. Schema properties...
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Google Updates Q3: New Features and Updates, along with Better Ad Campaign Insights

Google Updates Q3: New Features and Updates, along with Better...

Google, the premier search engine for the Internet, has released several updates to its services over the past quarter to continue its mission to “organize the world’s...
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Google to display organic meta listings in its Hotel Ads section

Google to Display Organic Meta Listings in Its Hotel Ads Section

Over the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought the hospitality and the travel industries to a grinding halt and, while we look forward with optimism with the vaccinations...
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Paid media providers and networks Milestone Inc

Guide to Paid Media 2021

January 15, 2021   |   Paid Media
Paid media can be an effective way to increase traffic and revenue. There are 10 primary paid channels to choose from and this guide will help you understand them...
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Ad quality and ad rank Milestone Inc

Guide to Google Quality Score and How It Impacts Ad Rank –...

January 11, 2021   |   Paid Media
What are quality score and ad rank? Where your paid search ad appears is the result of a number of factors. Ad Rank is a measure of content quality for the paid ads and landing...
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Guide to Pay Per Click and Paid Search -, Milestone Inc.

Guide to Pay-Per-Click Marketing, PPC & Paid Search...

December 29, 2020   |   Paid Media
Pay-per-click advertising is a popular media option because it virtually guarantees traffic with the media spend, whereas impression-based media buys can get exposure and cost but...
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Site Link Extensions -, Milestone Inc.

Site Link Extensions for Paid Ads

March 22, 2016   |   Paid Media
Ad Sitelinks is a feature for paid listing ads that let you include up to 4 additional links to deeper content on your site beyond the main landing page. With Sitelinks you...
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SEM Fitness Plan

90 Day SEM Fitness Plan

March 5, 2010   |   Paid Media, Web Design and Promotion
At SMX West Conference in Santa Clara, Stoney de Geyter, Kayden Kelly, Matt McGee, Matt Van Wagner gave various seo tips, plan and strategies which can help small business...
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PPC Landing Page

PPC Landing Page Dos and Don’ts

April 20, 2009   |   Paid Media
Creating a Landing Page specifically catered to PPC traffic is an absolute must for online advertisers. In this article, we will review the importance of landing pages by focusing...
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