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Watch On-Demand: Taking Bold Steps

Mar 08, 2024   |   Leadership
Watch On-Demand: Taking Bold Steps

On International Women’s Day, we brought together a diverse group of accomplished female leaders to share their stories of perseverance, focus, mindset, grit, and passion. They offered invaluable insights into the ingredients for success, along with the impactful books and principles that have guided their journeys. The event centered on themes of self-management, organizational leadership, and curating the future.

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Opening Keynote

During her opening keynote, Krithiga shared her career journey, emphasizing perseverance, passion, and a success-oriented mindset. Through anecdotes and strategic insights, she delved into personal growth, organizational leadership, and future prospects.

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Managing Yourself for Success

The panel discussion on “Managing Yourself for Success” emphasized the importance of self-management for effective leadership. Drawing inspiration from renowned books and best practices in areas such as Calm Clarity, Mindset, Grit, Unleashing Potential, and Talent Code.

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Managing Your Organization

The panel discussion focused on the importance of effectively managing teams and organizations as leadership roles evolve. It explored strategies for building trust within teams, creating a culture that fosters peak performance, and enabling collaboration among diverse backgrounds.

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Curate Your Future

The panel discussion on “Curate Your Future” focused on preparing for and shaping a fulfilling future. It emphasizes staying relevant, giving back meaningfully, and transitioning from a focus on doing to being. Key themes include committing to clarity, aligning actions, and leveraging strengths.

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