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Hospitality Content Tip #2: Boost Property Interest: Highlight Local Activities & Attractions for Guests

May 15, 2024   |   Content Marketing
Hospitality Content Tip #2: Boost Property Interest: Highlight Local Activities & Attractions for Guests

If you’re looking to draw travelers and boost bookings at your property, remember—it’s not just about listing your amenities. Guests choose more than just a place to stay. They’re choosing a location to explore. 

A great way to make your property stand out in the crowded hospitality market is to highlight local activities or “near-me” attractions. Showcasing nearby attractions and experiences helps paint a compelling picture of what staying at your property is like. And with Google’s latest maps update adding attractions and ‘things-to-do’ around hotels and resorts, it’s clear that focusing on the local scene is a smart move. 

In this blog, we’ll dive into the importance of leveraging local activities to boost awareness and drive bookings. Join us as we follow Content Marketer Alex’s journey in implementing this strategy to enhance engagement and search visibility and provide helpful content for his guests. 

Prior to using AI Content Studio to generate his article and the automated SEO recommendations, Alex creates a content strategy.  

The Strategy: Highlighting Local Activities 

Content Marketer Alex understands the pivotal role local activities play in enticing guests to choose his property for their stay. By strategically highlighting nearby attractions, he enriches the guest experience and drives engagement and on-property bookings. Let’s explore how Alex executes this strategy effectively: 

Step 1: Drive Top-of-Funnel Visibility: Alex recognizes the importance of capturing travelers’ attention early in their booking journey. By creating content about local activities, he ensures his property gains visibility among potential guests actively seeking things to do in the area. This top-of-funnel approach establishes Alex’s property as a desirable destination right from the start. 

Step 2: Target Interested Guests: Tailoring his content to cater to the interests and preferences of his target audience, Alex ensures that it resonates with travelers seeking specific experiences. Whether it’s outdoor adventures, cultural excursions, or culinary delights, Alex’s content aligns perfectly with what potential guests are looking for, making his property a top choice for their stay. 

Step 3: Showcase Proximity: Alex leverages the prime location of his property as a selling point. By highlighting its proximity to popular nearby attractions and points of interest, he emphasizes the convenience and accessibility his guests will enjoy. This strategic emphasis on location enhances the guest experience and sets Alex’s property apart from his competitors. 

Step 4: Enhance Visibility on Search: To maximize the reach of his content, Alex optimizes it for search engines. Incorporating relevant keywords and addressing long-tail queries related to local activities, he improves his property’s visibility in search results. This proactive approach ensures potential guests discover Alex’s property when researching their travel options, ultimately driving more traffic and bookings. 

Now that he’s got his content strategy in place, he creates a custom prompt to ensure the content generated is specific to his strategy:  

Custom Prompt: Develop an engaging guide outlining local activities suitable for guests at [Elite Hotel Boston] located in [Boston]. The guide should encompass a diverse range of options catering to different guest preferences such as [‘water sports’, ‘hiking trails’, ‘cultural workshops’, ‘gastronomy tours’, and ‘art galleries’]. For each activity, include crucial details such as proximity to [Elite Hotel Boston], approximate duration, potential costs, and ideal times for participation. Emphasize any unique local experiences that reflect the culture or natural environment of [Boston] and offer practical tips to ensure guests have a fulfilling and enjoyable time. 

With the prompt ready, he now heads over to Milestone AI Content Studio to create his article:  

Now that you’ve seen how easy it is to create content using Milestone AI Content Studio, head over to our latest eBook “25 Content Use Cases & AI Prompts to Drive Engagement for Your Hospitality Business” to help you with content ideas across the year. It gets better, we’ve even got custom prompts to help you get detailed content for your topic idea. Check it out.

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