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Google Will Soon Implement Its Mobile-First Index

A recent story on Search Engine Roundtable reviewed new developments around Google’s “mobile-first” index, here’s how it might affect you. As a refresher, mobile-first...
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How can you Optimize for Google’s Rankbrain?

Recently on’s Whiteboard Friday Rand Fishkin discussed whether or not we should be optimizing for Google’s Rankbrain, and furthermore, is it even possible? His...
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Google Highlights 2017 Digital Search Priorities

October 31, 2016   |   Speaking Our Minds, Web Design and Promotion
Google discusses three digital trends for 2017. Understand the digital marketing trends so you can prepare your business to get ahead of the competition in...
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Can Siri Talk To Your Website [ Webinar Recap]

October 27, 2016   |   Speaking Our Minds, Web Design and Promotion
The Milestone team presented a technology trends webinar, Can Siri Talk To Your Website, to highlight the latest innovations in search marketing. This is the recorded version and...
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Google Announces Mobile First Index

October 26, 2016   |   Industry News, Web Design and Promotion
The mobile-first index announcement is a huge step to a mobile-centric digital ecosystem – and is likely to impact many...
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Milestone’s Galexi is the First CMS in Hospitality to...

October 18, 2016   |   Industry News, Web Design and Promotion
AMP compatibility and optimization is just the latest in a continuing trend of industry-leading innovations from Milestone, learn more about AMP and Galexi CMS product...
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Webinar: Can Siri Talk To Your Website?

October 13, 2016   |   Web Design and Promotion
Join Milestone's latest webinar to learn about the technology supporting the latest local search trends. Learn more about search behaviors on Wednesday, October 26th at 11am...
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Year-End Website Specials

Year-end website specials are announced for businesses to increase revenues and increase digital power before the new...
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Turn Your Hotel Website Into A Virtual Concierge

Take advantage of the new #1 spot with the direct answer box. Have your website digitally answer questions traditionally reserved for the concierge....
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Key Strategies to Maximize Your 2017 Budget [Webinar Recap]

September 8, 2016   |   About Us, Videos, Web Design and Promotion
Milestone team presents an educational budgeting webinar for hotels to maximize their 2017 budget and digital marketing campaigns. View the recap video...
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