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Milestone Tech Round Up 2020 Milestone Inc

Milestone Tech Round-Up 2020

Like every year, we are back this new year with a new edition of ‘Tech Round-Up’ – one place where we celebrate every big story that...
Usability Best Practices -, Milestone Inc.

Usability Best Practices: How to Make Your Web Site Easy to Use...

January 12, 2021   |   Speaking Our Minds, Web Design and Promotion
Website usability is the act of ensuring a website is highly interactive, engaging, clean and easily used by all potential customers. The aim is to suitably develop a website that...
Best practices to implement FAQs -, Milestone Inc.

Guide to FAQ Best Practices

December 29, 2020   |   Web Design and Promotion
Every search query is a question, so every search result listing should be an answer. This could not be more true for frequently asked questions or FAQs, and that is why Google...
Building Your Hotel’s Digital Presence with Google My Business

Building Your Hotel’s Digital Presence with Google My Business

December 5, 2020   |   Hotel, Local Search, Web Design and Promotion
Modern hotels face several challenges as they work to build a strong business. Ample competition in their area, the rise of alternative accommodations when traveling, and poor...
7 Steps to Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

7 Steps to Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

The importance of digital transformation became very clear with the pandemic in 2020. Businesses had become more digital to stay alive, and those businesses that were more digital...
-, Milestone Inc.

Marriott’s What to Expect Content Builds Booking Confidence

September 29, 2020   |   Web Design and Promotion
Milestone is proud to be partnered with Marriott on how they are helping improve guest comfort and safety during their stay. This execution is born out of Milestone’s...
PDFs-and-Images-ADA -, Milestone Inc.

PDFs and Images May Be ADA Non-Compliant, Creating Risk of...

September 5, 2020   |   ADA, Web Design and Promotion
Milestone monitors and manages all aspects of website content and performance for its customers and the community, and compliance with federal standards and laws is an important...
Hotel Reopening and Recovery Playbook -, Milestone Inc.

Covid Hotel CRG Reopening and Recovery Playbook

September 3, 2020   |   Hotel, Post-Covid-19, Web Design and Promotion
In the first weeks of the coronavirus crisis, Milestone created the Crisis-Recovery-Growth framework to help customers and the community address the rapidly changing conditions...
Conversion Optimization Best Practices -, Milestone Inc.

Increase Website Conversion for Hotel Websites

Hospitality industry experts across the nation are forecasting that 2012 will continue the growth and recovery of room demands that started in 2011. With that in mind, I think it...
Google's New Page Experience Update and Core Vitals -, Milestone Inc.

Google’s New Page Experience Update and Core Vitals

June 10, 2020   |   Google Update, Web Design and Promotion
Last week on the Google Webmaster Central Blog Google announced the introduction of a new page experience signal which will be used to rank web pages in the future. In addition to...