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Digital Media Marketing

Whatsapp Marketing

Whatsapp Organic and Paid Marketing

Advertising is a crucial element of every business’s marketing strategy. There are multiple social media platforms and search engines that businesses can leverage when...

Guide for Event and Trade Show Marketing

Company events and trade shows stand out as the way to reach your ideal customers and to network with other businesses in your industry. Even in our digital age, there’s no true...
Google free tools and resources

List of the Best Free Tools and Resources from Google

We know SEO is important and there are many different ways to implement a smart SEO strategy, but at the end of the day, it all boils down to answering a user’s query. ...
Podcast Marketing

Succeed with Podcast Marketing

Podcasts are a popular way for a company to distribute audio and video information to its target audience.   Any topic that will be of interest to the audience can be...
Free Digital Marketing Certifications

Top 10 Free Digital Marketing Certifications in 2022

May 4, 2022   |   Digital Media Marketing
A digital marketing certification could be the difference between landing a new job or losing the opportunity.    83% of employers are reporting a difficulty with...
How to Make a Great Explainer Video

How to Make a Great Explainer Video

Every business exists to solve a problem. Your business can solve a problem every time your product or service is bought by a consumer or other business. But before you can close...
Why Do My Business Details on my Google Business Profile Keep Changing?

Why Do Details on My Google Business Profile Keep Changing?

Maintaining a completely accurate listing of your business on Google can be difficult as there are multiple factors that contribute to the accuracy and completeness of your Google...
Franchise Marketing

Franchise Marketing that Drives Growth

With the advent of countless digital platforms, enterprises are forced to invest in digital marketing to maintain consistent growth. As all franchise owners understand that...
Guide to Inbound Marketing

Guide to Inbound Marketing

April 12, 2022   |   Digital Media Marketing, SEO
Inbound marketing is a methodology that focuses on drawing customers in, rather than pushing a company’s message out. Inbound marketing is about creating valuable content that...
Google to display organic meta listings in its Hotel Ads section

Google to Display Organic Meta Listings in Its Hotel Ads Section

For about a year now to support the hospitality and the travel industries, they have rolled out organic meta listings in its Hotel Ads section, which was previously only available...