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Social Media Linking to and from website 2021

3 Key Reasons to Add Social Media Links to Your Website

October 12, 2020   |   Digital Marketing Ideas, Getting Social, SEO
You have a great business website, and a strong social media presence. Sure, you have links back to your website on your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts, but should you...
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Why America Will Travel Again

July 28, 2020   |   Getting Social
By Anil Aggrawal, CEO of Milestone I took a trip for the first time a few days back since the shutdown began. We rented a car from Hertz at San Jose Airport and drove from the San...
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Digital bookmarks tips and tricks 2021

Bookmark Multiple Bookmarking Sites With One Click

August 6, 2019   |   Getting Social
Great social bookmarking tool (Onlywire) allows you to bookmark on multiple social bookmarking sites by just one click via tool (button) and expand your social network in...
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increase facebook organic reach

One Simple Tip To Increase Facebook Post Reach

As Facebook continues to limit what shows up in users' feeds, here's a simple tactic your hotels can do to make sure it continues to gain engagement, views, and brand...
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Facebook Important

Why Is Facebook Important? Market Effectively on Facebook.

March 17, 2019   |   Getting Social
With over 150 million users, and as the 5th most heavily trafficked site in the US, Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites. Between October 2007 and June...
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Mobile presence

Key reasons why businesses should have a Mobile presence.

March 16, 2019   |   Getting Social
Mobile internet usage is growing 30% every year; here are some critical reasons why hotels should have a mobile website in...
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Social Media Trends Impacting Your Hotel In 2019

Social Media Trends Impacting Your Hotel In 2019

February 20, 2019   |   Getting Social, Web Design and Promotion
Social media is one of the most important channels for marketing a hotel and 2019 is bound to be an exciting year for digital...
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Why it's crucial for businesses to respond to reviews

Why it’s crucial for businesses to respond to reviews

Reviews have become an integral part of our customer journey. “90% of customers read reviews before visiting a business,”* directly impacting the success and growth of a...
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Supersized tweets? What will you do with all that extra space?

Supersized tweets? What will you do with all that extra space?

November 10, 2017   |   Getting Social
You can now tweet the full 280 characters to your heart’s content directly from our Milestone Social...
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Social Media Strategy: How Much to Spend and Where

April 4, 2017   |   Content Marketing, Getting Social
While social media has become a mainstream marketing channel, there are many variables that hoteliers are not taking advantage of to increase their...
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