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How to Use Data-Driven Decisions to Create a Marketing Strategy

How to Use Data-Driven Decisions to Create a Marketing Strategy

April 15, 2022   |   Digital Marketing Analytics
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic retailers, banks, restaurants, and many other sectors were forced into years of growth in digital penetration within the first few months of the...
Google Analytics 4: Are You Ready for the Next Generation of Google Analytics

Google Analytics 4: The Next Generation of Google Analytics

In July 2023, Google will end of life the current version of GA–Universal Analytics–and replace it with Google Analytics 4. Why you should migrate soon.  Millions of...
Channel Share of Traffic

Organic Search and Local Drive 69% of Digital Traffic

Local Makes Up More than 1/3 of Organic Search for Location-Based Businesses No matter what business you are in the fundamental questions of the marketing team are: Which channels...
Data is Your New Oil: eCommerce Managers Tool Kit -, Milestone Inc.

Data is Your New Oil: eCommerce Managers Tool Kit

December 9, 2016   |   Digital Marketing Analytics
Milestone's data driven software and solutions will bring all of your hotel digital marketing tools together, reviewing revenue contribution KPI’s in a single interface. Empower...
Unalytix Reporting

Analytics in the New Year – A Digital Managers Guide to...

December 10, 2015   |   Digital Marketing Analytics
Digital marketing software, Unalytix, created to increase hotel marketers productivity and eliminate wasted time gathering...
Google Analytic Pivot Table

Using Google Analytic Pivot Table to Track Average Ranking

June 28, 2012   |   Digital Marketing Analytics
There are many features and tools within Google Analytic that is under-utilized. One of these hidden gems include Google Analytic's Pivot Table, which you can use to track average...
Marketing Analysis ROI

Measuring Profit & ROI Across Channels

August 24, 2011   |   Digital Marketing Analytics
Visitors take interesting paths on the way to your shopping cart, surfing through a variety of ads and search listings before arriving at your site. Which types of ads or...
Anatomy of a conversion path

New Google Analytics Tool: Multi Channel Funnels

A new tool in Google Analytics shows you how your Organic, Paid and Social Media Channels all assist each other in generating revenue....
Social Media Campaign

How to Measure Success of Your Social Media Campaign

In today’s social media world, the elements which we can track on social channels go far deeper than mere fan count or pageviews. Between the intangible measurements of success...