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New Travel Directory for Green Hospitality: Taking Advantage of the Green Movement

Oct 03, 2008   |   Industry News
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At Milestone we’re always on the lookout for new directories & outlets to promote our clients’ hotels & resorts. Brand new travel directory puts a whole new spin on the way travelers can search for lodging choices.

Geared toward eco-conscious travelers, Whole Travel features hotels & resorts that practice sustainable hospitality. Whole travel is unique from typical travel directories in two ways:

  1. Green / Sustainable Hospitality: Hotels are rated on a scale of how “green” they are based on Whole Travel’s self-assessment questionnaire. Only properties that are making strides to lessen their impact on the environment are included on the website.
  2. Experience- Based Search: Whole travel breaks out of the typical “location + dates” hotel search. Users can type in a keyword like “relaxing” or “hiking” to come up with a list of eco-friendly accommodations offering matching experiences.

Whole Travel bases their directory on the idea that travelers who are concerned about their environmental impact are also often looking for travel options providing new & unique experiences rather than just looking for lodgings in a specific location. On top of the experiential search, users can also search for hotels in a specific destination.

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