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Why Milestone Websites Use Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

February 12, 2021   |   Hotel, Web Design and Promotion
Aligning with Google & industry best practices around developing a mobile-first digital strategy, speed and responsiveness are at the top of every digital marketer’s mind....
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Measuring Hotel Marketing Success – Milestone Inc –

Guide to Measuring Hotel Marketing Success: Where SEO...

February 2, 2021   |   Guide, Hotel
For most hoteliers, every Wednesday is STR Report Day and for them, that day is like Christmas morning–only that it comes 52 times, while Santa comes just once a year. That...
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Top-5-Digital-Metrics-for-Hotels -, Milestone Inc.

Top 5 Digital Metrics for Hotels

December 21, 2020   |   Hotel, SEO
If you have some slow days toward the end of the year, take a look at your reporting and dashboards and make sure they include these key metrics: Total visits Unique visitors...
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How Milestone Sees Hotels and Businesses Recovering from Current Pandemic Over the Next 12 Months -, Milestone Inc.

How Milestone Sees Hotels and Businesses Recovering from Current...

December 15, 2020   |   Hotel
By Anil Aggarwal, CEO and Dev Kurbur, SVP Customer Success Milestone Inc’s perspective on what the recovery looks like continues to evolve. We are collecting data,...
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Building Your Hotel’s Digital Presence with Google My Business

Building Your Hotel’s Digital Presence with Google My Business

December 5, 2020   |   Hotel, Local Search, Web Design and Promotion
Modern hotels face several challenges as they work to build a strong business. Ample competition in their area, the rise of alternative accommodations when traveling, and poor...
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Hotel Holiday Promotion Ideas -, Milestone Inc.

8 Amazing Hotel Promotion Ideas for Holiday 2020 and 2021

November 21, 2020   |   Hotel, Local Promotion
Holiday is normally a time when businesses and hospitality providers try to drive big crowds and capture their spending. 2020 and the pandemic definitely require some alternative...
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Hotel Reopening and Recovery Playbook -, Milestone Inc.

Covid Hotel CRG Reopening and Recovery Playbook

September 3, 2020   |   Hotel, Post-Covid-19, Web Design and Promotion
In the first weeks of the coronavirus crisis, Milestone created the Crisis-Recovery-Growth framework to help customers and the community address the rapidly changing conditions...
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Webinar recap: Hotel Budget Planning During a Pandemic -, Milestone Inc.

Webinar Recap: Hotel Budget Planning During a Pandemic for 2021

September 2, 2020   |   Covid19, Hotel, Post-Covid-19, Webinar, Webinar Recap
In this webinar, Milestone experts Tammie Carlisle and Keith Brophy discussed key trends impacting travel consumers and the opportunities which still exist for hotels. 2020 has...
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Top 10 Strategies to Promote Hotels -, Milestone Inc.

Top 10 Strategies to Promote Hotels on Social Media Channels in...

August 17, 2020   |   Getting Social, Hotel
“The most common question that we get asked in the hospitality industry is why I should be concerned about social media and how will I benefit from social media elements. An...
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Conversion Optimization Best Practices -, Milestone Inc.

Increase Website Conversion for Hotel Websites

Hospitality industry experts across the nation are forecasting that 2012 will continue the growth and recovery of room demands that started in 2011. With that in mind, I think it...
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