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See What’s New With Google!

Jun 04, 2006   |   Web Design and Promotion
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Take a look at some of the cool, new features available on Google for 2006. We find these tools/websites very useful and effective.

Google: What’s New?

    • Google makes extensive use of Google SiteMaps to:

– Let you know when Google crawled your site last
– If Google is indexing your site
– If your site has any errors – HTTP, unreachable pages, redirect, etc.
– Make sure your site is not using any spamming techniques
– Notify you of banned sites
Note:- We have been using the Google Site Map extensively and find it an extremely useful feature to get our site indexed by Google.

    • Google changes Google Local to Google Maps. You can access Google Maps right from the home page of Google.
    • Google uses a new bot to crawl the pages—Mozilla/5.0

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