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Taking Bold Steps | Key Take-ways from our Keynote Speaker

Mar 27, 2024   |   Leadership
Key Take-ways from our Keynote Speaker​
Kirthiga Reddy

Kirthiga Reddy

CEO, Making generative AI + blockchain accessible for creators, brands and sports | Board Director | Obsessed about enabling next-gen diverse leaders

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Message from Kirthiga Reddy for emerging Leaders:

  • Think about your big bold Vision – write it down for a 40% higher chances of success. Share your vision for even better results.
  • Embrace Technological Advancements: Stay at the cutting edge of technology, staying abreast of the latest trends, and leveraging them to your advantage.
  • Prioritize health and fitness for sustained energy and focus in your leadership journey.

Manage Yourself

  • Embrace Unconventional Career Paths: Follow your passion and consider long-term moves that align with your true calling.
  • The Right Life Partner is a Career Decision: Choosing the right partner is integral to making informed career choices that contribute to your overall success.
  • Your Life, Your Terms: Believe in your ability to balance work and personal life.
  • Embrace the Superpower of “AND”: Challenge the notion of making exclusive choices. Shift your mindset from “OR” to “AND,” recognizing that you can pursue multiple paths simultaneously.
  • Find your way to forge meaningful connections: Discover your unique way of building connections that resonate with your professional journey.

Manage My Organization

  • Hire the right people
  • Invest in the right culture
  • Set the right vision
  • Delegate and empower people

Curating Future

  • Develop multidimensional leadership skills to navigate diverse challenges effectively.
  • Contribute to your community by actively engaging in initiatives that give back.
  • Embark on your angel investing journey to explore opportunities in the world of investments.

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