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Keynote Q&A with Danny and DR. Qi Lu from Microsoft explaining

Jun 10, 2009   |   Web Design and Promotion
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Keynote Q&A with Danny and DR. Qi Lu

Re-branded version of Microsoft Live search engine is called Bing. Bing is being called a “decision engine” and promises a host of new features to help people “make faster, more informed decisions”. It is available and new search engines by Microsoft.

There are more choices for consumers on bing. Here is the overview.

Bing is not only the search engine but a decision engine. Bing as a product took very differential approach. It promises to offer rich and organize user experience. It is based on user intend and what is most relevant in that area.

Lot of R& D is done by Microsoft in creating Bing,. Search results are based on what people are looking and what is most relevant. Goal is user can make more intelligent decision and faster.

According to Dr. Qi Lu, digital universe is very complex. As a search engine, lot more needs to get done to produce search experience. Best way to predict future is to create one.

SMX Seattle 2009

How did bing came with the name?

Two things were very important for Microsoft while deciding name.

  1. First – Very Important to have a new brand which only represent search.
  2. Second- Microsoft wanted some thing small, short and works well across the globe.

What happens with live services?

  • MSN will still be there. Live brand will continue to stay. Bing is only offering search.
  • Any last minute surprises!
  • Search experience can be lot more compelling and search is still new. A lot more can be done. More competition and more choices is good for every one. Keep doing Research and keep innovative. Bing is ideal to do Real time search. Twitter is a great tool as well. Fresh content is the answer.
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