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Extreme Makeover Live! Why Am I Not Making Enough Sales?

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Making Enough Sales

There are companies that have no problem getting traffic to their website and getting conversions. However, there are also companies that are achieving the traffic, but their conversions continue to be very minimal. Businesses are then looking for ways to fix up their website in order to make it more user friendly and increase their sales. A panel of three experts at the SES Conference in San Jose shared their knowledge by analyzing actual websites owned by the audience. A few things they pointed out about the website may help any business get better sales.

Amanda Watlington, Owner, Searching for Profit

Brendan Regan, Persuasion Analyst, FutureNow, Inc.
Darrell Benatar, Co-Founder,
Daron Babin, CEO, Webmaster Radio

  1. You don’t need two search bars. A lot of times online stores will have two search bars, one to search through their own site and another Google search bar to search the entire web. The panelist explained that having a Google toolbar on your site might actually decrease your sales because potential customers can now search for products all over the web rather than just your website. They made a point to keep it simple and only have one search bar.
  2. Repetitious Title Tag. A title tag should definitely be keyword rich, but it’s not necessary to put the same keyword multiple times within the same title tag. Search engines only need to see a keyword once in the title tag and repeating keywords means wasting space for other potential keywords.
  3. Too keyword rich. Yes, there is a such thing as being too keyword rich. An Example that was shown was for a DJ equipment online store, which contained the word “DJ” on all of the different equipment he was selling. The business was currently holding the fourth position on a Google search for DJ equipment, but his standings wouldn’t last long. The panelist explained that search engines could tell the keyword wasn’t being used naturally. So yes it is important to make your website keyword rich, but don’t overdue it.

When trying to increase sales online, it’s definitely important to analyze the look and feel of a website. Having too many search bars or too many repeating keywords could hurt the site in the long run so as the panelist explained, try to keep it simple so that your bounce rate is decreased while your conversion rate is increased.

Contributed by: Katherine Lor, Milestone Internet Marketing

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