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10 Ideas to Improve Booking Performance During the Crisis

Mar 12, 2020   |   Digital Marketing Ideas, Hotel
10 ideas to improve booking performance during the crisis -, Milestone Inc.

Intel’s Andy Grove had a lot to say about how to react to downturns and setbacks. Here are just a few of his insights and maxims:

  1. The first rule is that economic downturns always end.
  2.  Some companies emerge from recessions stronger than before.
  3.  You can’t save your way out of a recession.
  4.  The future favors the optimist.

Milestone, Inc. has dozens of hospitality clients, so we decided to put together some recommendations for where to invest time and focus during the crisis and here we share them with the rest of the industry.

We group the recommendations in three segments: 1) Site Content, Site Technical, and Tracking, 2) Offer Strategy, 3) Distribution and Amplification


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