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Webinar: Critical Digital Marketing Trends for 2023

Nov 17, 2022   |   Digital Marketing Ideas, Webinar
Webinar: Critical Digital Marketing Trends for 2023

We will share the top 2023 digital transformation trends and how to create a robust strategic plan for 2023, aligning your customer, business goals, channels, KPIs, and priorities effectively. As brands continue to push through digital transformation, there is unprecedented focus on how to drive online digital discovery and customer acquisition. In this session, we will share top trends for 2023 and how brands can optimize their budget to drive digital discovery and acquisition results. We will provide the framework to develop a strategic digital marketing plan for 2023 for your industry.

In this session you will learn how to leverage:

  • How brands can future-proof their digital presence
  • 5 main pillars to do competitive benchmarking and SWOT – key ingredient of your strategic plan
  • Multi-search – How images, FAQ, video, news, and local search work together to provide the most comprehensive results
  • What helpful content is and how to bring qualitative and quantitative criteria into your content marketing plan
  • How to use competitive intelligence and benchmarking to get ahead in 2023

Register now and join Benu for this informative session.

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