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Milestone’s Insights Sessions at HSMAI ROC 2019 – June 18th

May 22, 2019   |   Leadership, Speaking Our Minds
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Milestone's Insights Sessions at HSMAI ROC 2019 - June 18th

Not planning to buy a conference ticket, but still want to check out our educational sessions?

Easy. HSMAI members can register for our sessions free using this link. We’ll also give you a free website audit at HSMAI ROC 2019. Submit your request by clicking the free website audit button.

Free website audit

What will we talk about in our Partner Insights Sessions?

Voice Engine Optimization – Deconstructing Voice Search: How to get your hotel to talk to Google & Alexa

Voice is the next major shift in computing. Over 20% of search already happens through voice, and comScore predicts that more than 50% will be voice-based by 2020. Voice-based devices are everywhere and consumers are asking all kinds of questions. How does this impact the modern hotelier? How do you ensure that your voice will be heard when consumers ask questions about your property, your location, the things to do near your hotel? Learn more about the present and future of voice search and the strategies you can use to stay in front during the coming shift in computing.

Digital Marketing Technology: What does the future of content creation & distribution look like?

Crafting a cohesive, well-tailored and effective message is hard enough, but how do you ensure that you leverage it to its maximum potential? How do you use it in social channels, on your website, in local search, even in mobile channels like SMS? What tools and strategies can the modern hotelier leverage to create a unified omnichannel messaging strategy? Join Milestone as we discuss how to effectively monetize your messaging and value propositions across multiple channels.

Impact of Technology on your Website: Next generation website technologies for 2019 and beyond

What are the next big shifts in website technology? How does voice-search impact how you build your website? How will your website content be impacted by these new technologies? And how do you ensure that all the new technologies that are becoming critical keep you in check with compliance issues like ADA and GDPR? Join Milestone as we discuss the shifts in website technology that we see in 2019 – and beyond – and how they will fit into the larger ecosystem of your modern website.

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