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Social Media Strategy: How Much to Spend and Where -, Milestone Inc.

Social Media Strategy: How Much to Spend and Where

April 4, 2018   |   Content Marketing, Getting Social
While social media has become a mainstream marketing channel, there are many variables that hoteliers are not taking advantage of to increase their...
Facebook Timeline for Hotels -, Milestone Inc.

Facebook Timeline for Hotels – Top 5 Things to Know

March 23, 2018   |   Getting Social, Hotel
Facebook recently made another round of significant changes to the functionality of brand pages, and it goes live for all brand pages on March 30, 2012. Here are the highlights...
Facebook Fan Gates -, Milestone Inc.

How to Use Facebook Fan Gates

March 22, 2018   |   Getting Social, Industry News
Facebook allows corporate business pages much more freedom to define their space within Facebook than is available on personal profiles. Beyond the simple wall posts, photo...
Why it;s crucial for businesses to respond to reviews -, Milestone Inc.

Why It’s Crucial for Businesses to Respond to Reviews

Reviews have become an integral part of our customer journey. “90% of customers read reviews before visiting a business,”* directly impacting the success and growth of a...
hotel social reunion -, Milestone Inc.

Creative Social Media Hits the Jackpot

January 14, 2018   |   Getting Social
Social media fans want to connect with your genuine brand, start thinking of unique ways to highlight your local business. Creativity and simplicity are often the best ways to...
Supersized tweets? What will you do with all that extra space? -, Milestone Inc.

Supersized tweets? What will you do with all that extra space?

November 10, 2017   |   Getting Social
You can now tweet the full 280 characters to your heart’s content directly from our Milestone Social...
Bardessono and Lucy Facebook Contest -, Milestone Inc.

How to Use Facebook Contests to Drive Fans, Engagement, and...

Promotions and contests can be an effective way to drive buzz in social media, but do they drive tangible value? The answer to that lies in ensuring you have clearly defined goals...
Migrate to Facebook Page -, Milestone Inc.

How to Change your Facebook Profile Page to a Business Page

March 31, 2017   |   Getting Social
We were delighted to see Facebook’s newly released feature update allowing profile pages (with friends) to convert to business pages (with fans). The story of a business...
Effective Social Media Contest -, Milestone Inc.

How to Run an Effective Social Media Contest for Hotels: Hotel...

January 26, 2017   |   Digital Marketing Ideas, Getting Social, Hotel
Hotel sees 30% increase in website traffic from Facebook and 16% increase in Facebook fans from social media scavenger hunt...
Facebook Advertising Embraced by Majority of Local Businesses -, Milestone Inc.

Facebook Advertising Embraced by Majority of Local Businesses

December 15, 2016   |   Getting Social, Industry News
Social media and its impact on local advertising was the subject of a recent study done by Borrell Associates, a consulting firm that produces industry related advertising...