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Facebook Timeline

Facebook Timeline: FAQs Answered

July 30, 2012
Now that Facebook’s Timeline layout has been entirely rolled out on all business pages, it’s time to take a better look at some of the challenges and questions that have been...
Google+ Local

Google+ Local: Who, What and How

July 30, 2012
After Google launched Google+ Local in the end of May this year, many questions were left unanswered about this new platform and how to use it. Do all businesses have a Google+...
Boost Your Fan Count with a Great Facebook Promotion

Boost Your Fan Count with a Great Facebook Promotion [Case

July 30, 2012
While getting more fans on your Facebook page is only one piece of the puzzle of social media marketing, it is the most visible, and often frustrating, piece. For a new Facebook...
Start Your Social Media Campaigns Right

Start Your Social Media Campaigns Right

July 30, 2012
There is no secret trick to measuring return on investment (ROI) from your social media campaigns. To have good ROI you need to start with a solid plan, set goals, and make sure...
5 Facts About Google+ Local

5 Facts About Google+ Local

July 30, 2012
Recently Google said goodbye to Google Places and launched Google+ Local. According to Google, “Google+ Local helps users discover and share places.” Here are 5 facts that...
Social Media Efforts

Are Your Social Media Efforts Working with Each Other?

June 28, 2012
With what seems like an endless list of social media channels that businesses are suggested to have presence in, how would hoteliers know they are using these channels optimally...
Importance of Imagery in Travel

A Picture is Worth a Thousand [Dollars?] – Importance of...

June 28, 2012
As social media channels adjust their functionality to favor sharing images and media based content, it’s becoming increasingly important for companies to leverage this change...
Latest Google Acquisitions

Latest Google Acquisitions – What They Could Mean for

June 27, 2012
After Google acquired YouTube, the industry saw a dramatic change in its algorithm; video optimization contributed to the organic ranking of any hotel website. With Google...
Social Signals Versus Link Building

Social Signals Versus Link Building: Who Will Come Out on Top?...

June 7, 2012
How can a small brand secure quality links? “Get wild; target egos; be controversial.” –Casie Gillete Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 101 has clearly established that...