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Guest Reviews and Online Reputation Management

Follow the Stars: Guest Reviews and Online Reputation Management

August 16, 2011   |   Getting Social
Why should I stay at this hotel and not the one next door? A question most shoppers ask themselves before staying somewhere they haven’t seen or heard of before. The point of...
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Hotel’s Online Reputation

Managing Your Hotel’s Online Reputation Using SEO

August 16, 2011   |   Getting Social, Hotel, Web Design and Promotion
Search engines, like Google and Bing, now place high ranking factors on social media and guest reviews channels, making online reputation management (ORM) a must-have in a...
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Anatomy of a conversion path

New Google Analytics Tool: Multi Channel Funnels

A new tool in Google Analytics shows you how your Organic, Paid and Social Media Channels all assist each other in generating revenue....
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Klout comparison

Discover How Engaged Your Competitors are in Social Media

July 7, 2011   |   Getting Social, Speaking Our Minds
Following these ideas and performing some simple competitive analysis can show you how effectively your competitors are using social media channels, where you stand out in the...
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Combining Social Media

Combining Social Media and Websites to Drive Fans &...

July 7, 2011   |   Getting Social
A well optimized website will get you organic traffic. An engaging Facebook page will get you connections. But a challenge is to effectively combine the best of both channels to...
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Social Media

Social Media – the New Customer Service Department

June 7, 2011   |   Getting Social
In the past year hotel brands and marketers have seen social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare become the new customer service forum for consumers. When a...
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Socialize Your Networks

How to Socialize Your Networks

June 6, 2011   |   Getting Social
Establishing different themes in your social network can give you a competitive edge in email marketing. To gain customer attention, showing your personality through socializing...
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Social Media Campaign

How to Measure Success of Your Social Media Campaign

In today’s social media world, the elements which we can track on social channels go far deeper than mere fan count or pageviews. Between the intangible measurements of success...
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Social media call to action

How to increase Likes, Fans and Followers

April 26, 2011   |   Getting Social
Social media participation impacts overall organic ranking. If you need to some quick and easy tips on how to increase likes, fans, and followers, check out this blog post for a...
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new Paradigm of SEO

Facebook & Twitter: The new Paradigm of SEO

April 26, 2011   |   Getting Social, Web Design and Promotion
Social media sharing has a proven impact on the search engine results pages according to data presented by SEOMoz at the SMX Elite conference in Sydney. While Google and Bing are...
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