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Supersized tweets? What will you do with all that extra space?

Nov 10, 2017   |   Getting Social
Supersized tweets? What will you do with all that extra space? -, Milestone Inc.

Twitter has announced a new feature doubling the length of posts to 280 characters.

Milestone is excited to announce that you can Tweet the full 280 characters to your heart’s content directly from our Milestone Social platform. So get cracking and fill up all this amazing new space with the great content your customers have been craving!

And we want to know your thoughts: will you spend twice as much time writing posts now that you have double the space, will your Tweets still be close to 140, or will you just cram 2 tweets into one and tweet half as frequently?

Milestone Social is a central platform for all your social media content marketing. Create posts across all major channels and schedule simultaneous broadcasts with custom content.

  • Create messaging for multiple social channels from one form
  • Preview the post exactly as it will appear in each channel
  • Schedule messages by channel and post date
  • Simultaneous multi-channel broadcasts
  • Task management-based workflow
Milestone’s team of experts work with over 2000 clients to help navigate this rapidly evolving digital marketing space. Send us an email at [email protected] or call us at +1 408 200 9055 with your questions or comments.
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