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Social Media Starfish

Dec 17, 2020   |   Getting Social
Guide to social media 2021 -, Milestone Inc.

What was the social media starfish?

The Social Media Starfish is a framework and diagram created by Robert Scoble to illustrate the different social and content channels that people used to interact on the web. This was a great way to visualize the evolving social media landscape in its early days.

How do you use the social media starfish and now the Social Media Octagon?

Decide which legs or channels of the starfish and now octagon you will use and then make a content plan or content calendar to create assets to publish to the channels.

Social Media Starfish -, Milestone Inc.

2021 Update to the social media starfish, the Milestone Social Media Octagon

Guide to social media 2021 -, Milestone Inc.

Learn more about the Milestone Guide to Social Media Marketing in this detailed and instructive blog. 


How do I make a social media strategy?

Use the starfish to help you select the social media channels and platforms you will use. Then invest time and resources making the profile of your social media sites up-to-date and engaging.

How do I make a social media plan?

After picking the channels, note the kind of topics and content that are popular, and identify the topics and content you will create.

How often should I publish in social media?

You should publish a blog at least twice a week, and you should post on Facebook two to three times a week, and Twitter most every day. Post on LinkedIn twice a week. Publishing at that cadence means you need to invest time in the content calendar and production.

What are the benefits of social media?

Social media can help you reach new audiences. It can be a significant channel for those B2C companies, where the viral effect or k-factor can really take off among groups of friends. Social media helps you create user generated content and engage people with rich media like images, videos, get interactive.

Here are the primary channels:

  1. Blogs on your site or syndicated through a feed
  2. Photos: Flickr, Pinterest, 500 px, SmugMug, Photobucket
  3. Videos: YouTube, Vimeo, Tik Tok
  4. Personal Social Networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Bebo
  5. Events and groups: Meetup, Facebook Groups, LinkedIn Groups
  6. Email: Retarget your email subscribers in social media
  7. Question Communities: Quora, Yahoo Answers
  8. Audio: Podcasting, BlogTalkRadio, Twittergram

Once you have selected your social media channels, create a plan to produce quality content to share on the channels at least twice a month.

That may mean a photography plan, a video plan, an article plan, a podcast plan, a text plan, an interactive plan, and save some capacity for newly emerging social platforms, like Tik Tok and WeChat if you do business in China.

Milestone provides social media services as part of an omnichannel marketing plan.

Please contact us to learn more at [email protected] or call us on +1 408 200 2211.

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