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Learn How to Navigate through the world of social media [Educational]


Navigating through the world of social media can be confusing, this session will examine tried and true strategies that attract customers and create a “social buzz”.


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Impact of Social Media on Search Engines – An Interview with Duane Forrester from Bing


Does social media play a role in search engine rankings? Duane Forrester guides us through the Bing thought process: “if those signals from social are telling us that you’re important, then obviously we need to pay attention to that.” He expands during this video interview with Benu Aggarwal.


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Google+ Best Practices for Business [Infographic]

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We live in a Google world and so does your business. You probably wonder why your business needs a Google+ page and what the benefits are. Google’s recent hummingbird algorithm update is making social signals a critical piece of a complete online presence. Here are some quick tips to get your business moving in the right direction for social and SEO benefits.


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3 Key Reasons to Add Social Media Links to Your Website

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You have a great business website, and a strong social media presence. Sure, you have links back to your website on your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts, but should you also link from your website to your social channels? Absolutely! Linking to your social profiles from your website is a simple, yet highly effective piece of your overall digital marketing strategy.


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2014 Digital Marketing Trends Webinar Recap and Q&A

digital marketing trends

Our annual webinar on digital marketing trends had a great turnout, and lead to a strong Q&A session. The full Q&A along with the slides and a recording of the webinar are embedded here for your reference.


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Top Digital Marketing Trends for 2014


In 2013, searchers evolved the way they sought information on the Internet, and towards the end of the year, search engines released their updates to better meet modern queries such as voice and conversational search. In 2014, we will clearly be able to see the effects of these new ranking methods. Social outreach, conversational intent, authority of the site, relevancy of the content to query and overall content quality will significantly impact the way your websites perform.


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GM’s eCommerce Checklist for Hotel Internet Marketing in 2014


Handy internet marketing must-do checklist to help hotels ensure a successful 2014


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Tips on Developing and Promoting Hotels on the Internet