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Five Tips for Hotels to Increase Organic Traffic for the Holiday Season

Oct 24, 2011   |   Web Design and Promotion
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Five Tips for Hotels to Increase Organic Traffic

by Alice Lee, eStrategistMilestone Internet Marketing

With the imminent holiday season approaching, there is a great opportunity for hotels to research tips and optimize their websites to drive more quality inbound links and traffic.  This can also benefit  your hotel’s paid search campaigns since the site optimization can definitely bring up your overall quality score if you are using some of the pages as PPC landing pages. Here are a few tips to make sure your hotel’s site is optimized for the holiday season:

  1. Content Optimization:First, check the major holidays & events and brainstorm potential topics to optimize for the website’s content.  Usually, the “events” page and “things to do” pages are great areas to optimize for seasonal and holiday content.  By providing event details such as parade information, parking tips, directions, etc., you position yourself as the “local expert,” and this will most likely bring your website good citations.  You can also provide some fun tips or holiday receipts to “indirectly” promote your dining and event business.The image below shows that content is one of the key SEO ranking factors. Therefore, content optimization is definitely crucial.
    Holiday2Image Source: Search Engine Land


  2. Home Page Refreshment:Put a delightful icon on your home page.  A seasonal icon refreshes the look of a website.  For the upcoming holiday season, consider replacing the dull “special offer” button with a carved pumpkin, gift box, or Christmas ornaments. Such quick tweak can surprisingly bring you more clicks as it increases relevancy!The image below demonstrates an example of a holiday themed icon. Holiday1
  3. Social Media:Given social media is a huge factor for search engines; we cannot ignore the big impact of tweets and posts nowadays.  Post your coolest idea for Halloween or tweet about your chef’s stuffing tips for Thanksgiving turkey.  You will reach a greater social audience and create brand awareness by being more engaged.
  4. Blog: If you also have a blog, utilize it as another channel for achieving holiday “cross channel optimization”.  Write a few blog posts that may attract your readers who are caught up in the spirit of the holidays.
  5. Links & Citation: In addition to applying these key strategies to your website, social media, and blog, it is important to optimize the holiday theme in additional key channels to enhance the overall site quality.  This will attract more inbound links and citations from other directories and bring more relevant traffic to the site.  Overall, when you are providing value and good information, there is no reason not to give a link!Based on 2011 SEO ranking factors, you can see how the strategies can also benefit links and enhance the site optimization.Holiday3
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