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Webinar Recap: Typical Banking and Credit Union Journey

Mar 12, 2021   |   Web Design and Promotion
Webinar Recap: Typical Banking and Credit Union Journey

In this webinar, Milestone’s experts Erik Newton, VP of Marketing, and Samson Koletkar, Head of Product Solutions, discussed SEO, local, Google My Business, reviews, images, and videos for the Banking and Credit Union journey.

Key topics in this recap video:

  • How experience builds your brand
  • Discovery is also dictated by the CMS
  • Google is the home page of all your home pages
  • Finserv customer journey with discovery, experience, and transaction
  • What and how you can deliver content and multi-touch
  • Why SEO, local, and reviews matter in the finserv journey
  • How GMB, reviews, images, and videos help finserv marketers
  • SEO and website tips for finserv
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