“Several months into the COVID-19 pandemic, and many hotels are still struggling to reopen and fill rooms. Travelers remain anxious about staying healthy while hitting the road, and many are reluctant to spend their hard-earned dollars while facing the unexpected.

Marriott has rolled out a new “What To Expect” feature to keep guests informed about upcoming stays

Behind the scenes, though, Marriott has also been working on what just may be the most useful new resource for customers looking to book a stay. The chain has developed individual “What To Expect” pages for most of its properties with information on cleaning procedures, available amenities, and dining options. This should make it easier for prospective guests to determine whether certain services, like housekeeping, fitness centers, executive lounges, or dine-in meals will be available during their trip. The new pages are an extremely helpful guide to information that can change frequently as local regulations are alternately enacted and rolled back, and facility closures can vary dramatically from hotel to hotel.

To take advantage of the new “What To Expect” pages, customers can simply visit the website of the specific hotel they are interested in. They should find links to both general travel guidance and the property’s individual COVID-19 updates in a hard-to-miss red box just under the fields to input stay dates. For instance, the JW Marriott Chicago’s page has the following information current at time of publication.

JW Marriott Chicago - milestoneinternet.com, Milestone Inc.

The JW Marriott Chicago has a What To Expect page with details for travelers on housekeeping, … [+]

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