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How to Create Shareable Content

Jun 07, 2011   |   Speaking Our Minds
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Shareable Content

What? With search engines’ frequent algorithm updates, the phrase “content is king” is becoming more valid than ever before in the SEO industry. People are starting to realize the importance of creating new, unique, relevant and sharable content on their websites.

Why? When someone conducts a search and lands on your website, they want the information provided on the site to be relevant to what they were searching for. They want to quickly read about your business or product and decide whether or not it is what they are looking for. If the content is useful and interesting, the guest may be excited to share this information with family and friends. With the many new ways to share information online – Facebook, Twitter, blogs, Google +1, etc., it’s important to create content on your site that visitors want to share. This not only brings more attention to your website, but the search engines also notice when people are linking to your website and sharing information about your business, and they see this as a referral to your site. So we know that content is important, but how do we create shareable content?

How? For those creating new content, make sure the content is unique, useful to your audience, interesting, and relevant to what the user will need to know about your hotel or business. To see what type of content may be most “likeable” for your current audience:

  • Use analytics to see what your “top pages” are that guests visit most often;
  • Look at previous Facebook posts to see which have the most “likes” or comments;
  • Use Real Time Search to get an idea of what people in your area are sharing and talking about;
  • Use Google Insights to compare topics and see which topics tend to be most popular at certain times/days;
  • Think about what content will be most relevant to your target audience and try to answer their questions and meet their query.

Web Search Interests

For those who have a current website, where is the best place to find shareable content? The best content to share is usually the pages that are updated most often and the most popular pages – but there are many other opportunities throughout a website to find great content. Look through your website and find a sentence or two that you can turn into a keyword-rich social media post – and make sure to link back to the page from Facebook or other social media channels.

Website Content Sample

Facebook Content Link

Below are some popular pages on your visitors may find valuable and interesting to share:

  • Package and Special Pages
  • Local Favorite Pages – especially if an event is happening at the local favorite location
  • Wedding Pages
  • Meeting Pages
  • Guest Review Pages
  • Events Page
  • Email Offers page – encouraging guests to sign up for more!

Conclusion: We have an opportunity through search and social media channels to market our businesses and products and bring attention to the valuable information available on our websites. Take advantage of this marketing opportunity by reaching out to your audience with fresh, relevant and exciting information and make it be known that this great content can be found on your website!

Contributed by: Meagan Hasenoehrl, e-Strategist, Milestone Internet Marketing

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