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SMX Next Demo: Optimizing for Search Generative Experience with Schema Manager, AI Content Studio, and SEO-first CMS

SMX Next Demo on SGE

This session at SMX Next focused on practical insights and best practices to leverage AI to supercharge your SEO strategy using cutting-edge tools such as Schema Manager, AI Content Studio, and the Milestone SEO-first CMS

This session explored essential topics, including marking up existing content to align with SGE, uncovering content opportunities you never knew existed, harnessing the power of AI Content Studio for seamless content generation, and experiencing an integrated end-to-end SGE optimization journey within Milestone CMS. 

Brands can leverage this opportunity to gain valuable insights and witness firsthand how Milestone’s innovative solutions can elevate your digital presence and help you stay ahead in the dynamic world of search. 

Key takeaways 

  1. Deploying helpful content with generative AI involves adhering to Google’s EEAT guidelines, increasing content velocity, and identifying opportunities through competitive analysis. 
  2. Utilizing a discovery and experience-focused tech stack includes optimizing for Google’s Core Web Vitals, ensuring SEO optimization in the CMS, and delivering outstanding Mobile-First experiences tailored to user preferences. 
  3. Enabling content with schemas is crucial for visibility, requiring schema deployment optimized for different website sections, creation of topical content with recognizable entities, and utilizing nested architecture to interlink schema entities. 
  4. Delivering personalized experiences from an SEO-optimized CMS involves leveraging a customer data platform and hybrid headless CMS to cater to user intent and enhance overall user experiences. 

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