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Milestone AI Content Studio: Identifying Content Gaps to Thrive on Search Using The New Content Intelligence Dashboard

Milestone AI Content Studio: Identifying Content Gaps to Thrive on Search Using The New Content Intelligence Dashboard

We recently published a write-up supporting the launch of our end-to-end content solution platform AI Content Studio. While we spoke about the need to automate content generation to improve a brand’s speed to market and how this end-to-end platform focuses on content management – AI generation of relevant content, managing images using AI, and analytics, there’s the foundational aspect that’s crucial to this solution.    

Creating captivating, engaging, and relevant content is the cornerstone of attracting and retaining your audience’s attention. But how do you nail down content topics your business needs to write on? What are your competitors writing about and excelling in on search? And what is your market or target audience searching for?  That’s where Milestone’s Content Intelligence Dashboard steps in. 

Picture this: Before crafting an article or any content, you’d typically spend time navigating multiple platforms to conduct SEO research. You’d want to grasp search trends, understand what your customers are searching for and their pain points, and assess the relevance and engagement level of your existing content. Well, that’s where the Milestone Intelligence Dashboard comes into play, consolidating all these crucial insights into one comprehensive dashboard. 

Whether you’re conducting research for creating impactful content or evaluating your existing content’s performance, this dashboard does it all. It addresses the most pressing questions for SEO and content teams: 

  • What new content should you create?  
  • What content should you keep? 
  • What content needs enhancement? 
  • What content should you prune? 

Let’s explore how the Milestone Content Intelligence Dashboard can assist you in creating new content and, in retrospect, maintaining, enhancing, and pruning your existing content. 

How the Content Intelligence Dashboard streamlines your content strategy effort  

Let’s give you a sneak peek into what exactly the Content Intelligence Dashboard will do for your business:   

  • Topic and Sub-topic data sets on a platter 

This is ground zero when it comes to building your content strategy. Based on your competitors and the URLs you have entered on our platform; our Content Intelligence starts to piece out the puzzle of improving your content visibility and traffic. Judging the performance of your direct competition, our Content Intelligence identifies keyword and topic gaps and as a result, provides precise topic and sub-topic data sets with the forecast and search opportunity in terms of search volume, traffic share, and opportunity, target audience, persona, etc. Take a shortcut and use our ‘Popular topics’ option to get started as well.  

  • Recommended Topics to get you started 

Now that we’ve helped you build your content strategy, the next step is implementing it. Here’s where using our recommended topics helps you streamline your content strategy. Based on the aforementioned factors, you’ll have recommended topic tiles to get started with a topic that’s going to get your brand visible on search.  

  • Building your Brand Voice. Establish your voice across the board! 

Of course, knowing where you can stand out on search or answering your customers is the key, but you’ve got to sound unique, you got to sound You! That’s where our brand voice comes into play. Based on your existing website content, emails, brochures, and various content types, our platform consumes your favorable tone and any content generated henceforth will suit your style, one that captures your brand voice.  

  • Brand, Competitor, and Target Audience Settings   

As mentioned, choose your brand voice, select your competitors, or change them whenever, and of course, make your content meaningful by choosing your target audience. Whether you’re addressing or talking to a nature lover, individual traveler, family, or an age group from 18 to 30 years of age, you pick the audience your content suits best.  

  • Topic Intent & Audience Targeting Filters  

Based on the article you wish to publish, you can choose the intent of your article – whether it’s informational, navigational, transactional, etc. And using our filter, choose the type of audience you want your content to resonate with.  

Of course, our Content Intelligence does not cater to just new content, you have a website with existing content? We’ll skim through it and analyze your content gaps that can be addressed and recommend pages that require optimization or a content rejig for it to stand out against your competition.  

No strategy is complete without performance data. And we’ve got built-in analytics that covers that ground with the key performance indicators:  

  • Rich Results: Has your content appeared as rich results in search? 
  • Impressions and Clicks: How many clicks and impressions have your articles accumulated? 
  • Engagement: Are readers spending time on your articles, or is the bounce rate high? 
  • Conversions: Are your readers making decisions that boost leads and revenue? 

With the Content Intelligence Dashboard, you’re equipped to unlock your content strategy’s full potential. What’s more, it automates this process, allowing you to dive into content creation right away. This dashboard is a game-changer, simplifying the content ideation process, ensuring your content is engaging and optimized, and helping you effectively connect with your target audience. It’s your time to create content that not only speaks to your audience but also performs brilliantly for your business. Welcome to the future of content intelligence! 

To know more, click here to request a demo or get in touch with [email protected]

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