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How Artificial Intelligence is Shaping the Present & Future of Content Management Systems

Jan 25, 2024   |   Web Design and Promotion
How Artificial Intelligence is Shaping the Present & Future of Content Management Systems

The year 2023, dubbed “The Year of AI,” witnessed significant strides in the field. Open AI advanced with ChatGPT, Baidu launched Ernie 4.0, and powerful AI chatbots like Perplexity and Anthropic Claude emerged. Google introduced BARD, Gemini, and the highly anticipated Search Generative Experience, reshaping the search landscape with AI at its core. 

  • The global Generative AI Market will grow by $51.8 billion by 2023, with a CAGR of 35.6% YOY – Markets and Markets  

This AI revolution is centered around providing personalized and intent-driven search experiences for users, putting customers at the forefront.  

In the business landscape, Content Management Systems (CMSs) have played a crucial role in orchestrating content and delivering digital experiences across various touchpoints and channels. Now, AI is stepping in to optimize business efficiency in reaching customers with unprecedented speed. Join us as we delve into the transformative impact of AI in the CMS landscape. 

How AI is going to help CMSs drive digital experiences 

Let’s take you through the pivotal trends as we guide you through the innovative ways Milestone CMS leverages AI to propel businesses directly in front of their customers with optimal efficiency.

Content intelligence, generation, & search optimization:  

In the CMS landscape, the traditional focus was on content management and publishing. However, the dynamics are evolving with the integration of AI. In 2023, a notable shift occurred as CMS platforms extended their capabilities from mere management to proactive content generation. Prompted by a few inputs, content could be swiftly created.  

Yet, this landscape is poised for further transformation as AI steps in not just for content generation but to address the subsequent challenge – determining what content to generate. AI will play a crucial role in managing the entire content lifecycle, encompassing tasks like identifying content gaps and opportunities, generating content accordingly, and simultaneously optimizing for search visibility. 

  • AI software will grow 50% faster than the overall software market over the next two years, with an annual growth rate of 18% – Forrester  

Aligning with prevailing industry shifts, Milestone stands at the forefront of AI integration with content solutions. Milestone AI Content Studio streamlines content generation through Gen AI (multi-modal: articles, social posts, web page copies, FAQ, etc.) with real-time SEO recommendations for enhanced search visibility. Beyond efficiency, the platform excels in capturing the unique brand tone and voice, ensuring the creation of distinctive content aligned with the business identity. 

The Content Intelligence Dashboard is instrumental during the content ideation phase, guiding with what to write to match customer intent. It consolidates vital insights, offering a comprehensive view of search trends, customer queries, competitor strategies, and content engagement. Eliminating the need to navigate multiple platforms for SEO research, it serves as the central hub for all content-related insights. 

Whether it’s crafting impactful content or evaluating performance metrics, Milestone AI Content Studio guarantees success through the seamless integration of the Content Intelligence dashboard, AI Generator, and performance analytics. 

Image & video optimization  

Visual elements are now essential for captivating audiences and enhancing content experiences. Content optimization has expanded beyond text, encompassing images and videos for improved search visibility. The industry is witnessing groundbreaking developments in SEO-friendly AI image generation, powered by semantic search and artificial intelligence. 

AI takes the lead in transforming Digital Asset Managers into dynamic tools, allowing search engines to efficiently retrieve relevant visuals. It identifies entities within visuals, generates alt tags and meta details, and categorizes assets—a comprehensive approach for nuanced search optimization, marking a significant industry advancement. 

The visual search market value will rise up to USD 32,984.022 million by the year 2028 – Data Bridge Market Research  

In response, Milestone introduces Image Studio—a revolutionary addition to Milestone DAM. Tailored for multi-location and enterprise challenges, Image Studio provides centralized asset management, versatile file type support, and robust access control through the Digital Asset Manager. 

Complementing Image Studio is the Visual Enhancer—an advanced component utilizing AI for image ranking. Leveraging Image Quality Score, Safe Search Score, automatic entity recognition for Google’s SGE, and AI-based Alt-text generation, the Visual Enhancer ensures visuals are optimized for search visibility when published but align seamlessly with your brand, delivering an intelligent and cohesive visual experience across devices. 

Personalizing content and user experiences  

Personalization has become a standard practice for businesses, enhancing tailored content delivery and increasing conversions. The integration of AI has efficiently revolutionized the “content matching customer intent” game, leveraging diverse customer data for a highly individualized and targeted experience. 

Looking forward, personalization goes beyond text to shape the entire UI/UX for customers, significantly impacting conversions. Whether it involves a mix of offers, a booking engine page, or essential information snippets based on a search query, user experiences are finely tuned to the customer’s intent. 

Milestone’s Personalization utilizes its Customer Data Platform (CDP) and seamlessly integrates data from multiple sources with Artificial Intelligence. This empowers businesses to craft detailed customer profiles, enabling precise segmentation and real-time predictions. The result is enhanced content relevance, a seamless user experience, and increased conversions. 

Multilingual Support 

AI is reshaping language translations, revolutionizing how businesses engage with broader audiences through multilingual sites. What was once resource-intensive and error-prone is now automated in CMSs, leveraging AI’s improved understanding of intent and context. 

Milestone’s integrated AI/ML multilingual features go beyond traditional on-page translation, generating distinct pages for translated sites while ensuring SEO standards compliance. Crafting content in the native language facilitates real-time creation of translated sites meeting SEO parameters through AI. Any changes made to the source site are instantly reflected in the translated counterparts. Break language barriers and seamlessly connect with a global audience everywhere with Milestone’s innovative multilingual solution. 

Prompt-based web page creation  

Prompt-based web page creation is emerging as a notable AI advancement in CMSs. Simply craft a prompt outlining your desired web page layout and elements and witness the rapid generation of a corresponding web page. While enterprise and complex-level websites may require further development, this capability is swiftly making its way into CMS functionalities, especially for simpler location and store pages. 


Offering seamless customer support, AI has been playing a pivotal role in website chatbots for a while now. Of course, with businesses now having the technology and capability of building their custom LLMs, the chatbot space on website is surely going to get a lot more intuitive, one that understands queries precisely and responds in the brand tone of the business.    

Unified Analytics & Web Health Insights 

AI is set to revolutionize CMS capabilities by providing unprecedented insights into web health. Unlike conventional CMSs, businesses will now gain transparency regarding their website’s technical health, accompanied by AI-driven recommendations for swift issue resolution. This development is pivotal for businesses, ensuring enhanced content visibility on search platforms. 

Bringing together analytics across multiple sources and data points is key to business intelligence and AI is going to make this journey for business a lot simpler. With a coalition of your customer data platform, CRM, performance data platform, and other data tools and sources, AI is going to bring key business decisions onto a dashboard.

Milestone provides consolidated analytics by bringing together native and cross-source data, leveraging AI to clean up and organize information based on custom parameters. This aids businesses in making informed decisions. Additionally, our built-in insights, coupled with technical and content scorecards, offer transparency across web health, local performance, and even competition. This ensures improved search visibility and brand presence for businesses. 

Smart messaging within a CMS 

Whether it’s content curation, moderation, publishing updates, website fixes, or content drifts for structured data, AI will pave the way for smart messaging and organizational coordination within a CMS to ensure that nothing is stopping a business’ cross-team efficiency.


As we look ahead to 2024, Milestone remains committed to harnessing the power of AI across a range of features. From schema auto-generation to reviews, predictive analytics, and streamlined workflows on the Milestone Presence Cloud, our focus is on simplifying and optimizing processes. This commitment aims to seamlessly drive digital experiences, ensuring efficiency and ease in the evolving landscape.  

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