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Channel Share of Traffic

Organic Search and Local Drive 69% of Digital Traffic

Local Makes Up More than 1/3 of Organic Search for Location-Based Businesses No matter what business you are in the fundamental questions of the marketing team are: Which channels...
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Google update Q2: Page experience algorithm

Google Updates Q2: Page Experience Algorithm, GMB Updates, and...

July 5, 2021   |   SEO, Voice Search, Web Design and Promotion
As we do every quarter, we’re back with the latest updates from Google over the last quarter. In our last publish of Google Updates we covered the SMITH Algorithm (Passage...
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Just Launched: Milestone FAQ Manager - an End-to-End FAQ Management Platform and Voice Solution

Milestone FAQ Manager — Robust FAQ and Voice Platform

June 9, 2021   |   SEO, Voice Search, Web Design and Promotion
When Google rolled out BERT towards the end of 2019 and the latest SMITH algorithm at the start of 2021, the writing was on the wall, they had moved past indexing keywords, and...
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Milestone Research Finds that the Average CTR Across Rich SERP Types Is 61% or 61 per 100 Queries

Milestone Research Finds that the Average CTR Across Rich SERP...

April 14, 2021   |   Local Search, SEO, Web Design and Promotion
The majority of traffic from rich results SERPs still goes to organic for free. Following SparkToro’s CEO and Cofounder, Rand Fishkin’s survey in which he claimed...
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Universal Search and How Rich Media Content Increases SERP Visibility Milestone Inc

Universal Search and How Rich Media Content Increases SERP...

February 5, 2021   |   SEO
With the introduction of Google’s “Universal Search” back in May of 2007, brands have long become accustomed to the importance of optimizing a variety of different types of...
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Tree diagram color icon. Hierarchical system. Node link diagram. Visual representation of processes and relationships. Tree structure. Sequence and submission. Isolated vector illustration

Google Introduces Subtopic Rankings, a New SEO Opportunity

January 18, 2021   |   SEO
Google has confirmed that they launched their new subtopic rankings for certain queries. Learn what they did and how to use...
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Milestone Tech Round Up 2020 Milestone Inc

Milestone Tech Round-Up 2020

Like every year, we are back this new year with a new edition of ‘Tech Round-Up’ – one place where we celebrate every big story that...
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Schemas improve SEO impressions and results Research from Milestone Milestone Inc

Schemas Positively Impact Visibility and SEO Performance

January 1, 2021   |   SEO
SEO visibility, non-brand share, and traffic increase materially with error-free advanced schemas vs. sites without schemas Rich media search results have replaced the traditional...
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SEO Click Curves All Rich Results CTR Milestone Inc

SEO Click Curves: Rich SEO Results Get 58 Clicks Per 100...

January 1, 2021   |   SEO
No-click searches are the minority of searches when rich media is present in the SERPs. The click curve has a significant influence on the traffic each site can get from organic...
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AMP increases organic sessions -, Milestone Inc.

Using AMP Increases Speed, Core Vitals, Rank, Traffic, and...

January 1, 2021   |   SEO
AMP will get your site ready for Google’s User Experience Update. Now more than ever is the time to implement AMP. With Google announcing the Core Web Vitals metric and its...
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