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Supercharging Your Descriptions with Sitelinks Milestone Inc

How to Use Sitelinks for SEO and PPC

March 3, 2015   |   SEO
At SMX West in Santa Clara, Jerry Dischler, Vanessa Fox, andAriel Sumeruk speak on the benefits, problems and overall uses of Sitelinks, as well as tips and tricks when promoting...
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Latest on Google’s Personalized Search Milestone Inc

Latest on Google’s Personalized Search

March 3, 2015   |   SEO
Google´s personalized search is impacting search results. Personalization can fill in the gap of ambiguous search queries based on geography, preference, and social circles....
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Searcher Behavior

A Look at Searcher Behavior and Search Intent

February 27, 2015   |   SEO
As more people are using Search Engines to access information on the web, it’s important to know how people are searching and what Search Engines they’re using. Read on to...
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Best Kept SEO Secrets, KPI for SEO Agencies

Best Kept SEO Secrets, KPIs for SEO Agencies

January 29, 2015   |   SEO
Milestone Interview with Bruce Clay, From
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writing website content

Search Engine Optimization Basics: How Relevant Is Your Content?

June 19, 2014   |   Hotel, SEO
With Google's Hummingbird and Panda 4.0 updates, is your website strategy still working? Find out what search engines deem as valuable and relevant content, and get tips on easy...
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Importance of Schema

In The Grand Schema of Things: Does Schema Boost Search Rank?

May 29, 2014   |   SEO
The goal of search engines is to deliver the right result to the right user at the right time. Search engines are moving away from displaying results purely based on keyword...
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Keyword Research Tools & Techniques

Keyword Research Tools & Techniques for SEO Success

February 27, 2014   |   SEO
The SMX West 2009 session for “Keyword Research Tools & Tactics” featured speaker Christine Churchill from KeyRelevance. Christine spoke about the basics of keyword...
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Explicit Annotations for Multi-Language Sites

Explicit Annotations for Multi-Language Sites

March 1, 2012   |   SEO
Maile Ohye with Google helped us better understand when and how to use explicit annotations during the “Real Answers for Technical SEO” session at SMX West...
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Rich Snippets and Micro formats

Search Engines Announce Structured Data, Schemas, Rich Snippets,...

March 22, 2011   |   Industry News, SEO
Search Engines support micro formats in local and SEO search. Deploying micro formats can help in SEO and Local search results and...
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How to hire an SEO Milestone Inc

How to Hire an SEO – Salaries, Types & Titles

November 11, 2010   |   SEO
The session “How to Hire an SEO – Salaries, Types, and Titles” helped show inside information to the SEO industry and the ideal SEO...
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