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Why Are Schemas Important for SEO?

Dec 29, 2021   |   SEO
Why are schemas important -, Milestone Inc.

When it comes to SEO success, there are many factors to consider. One of the most overlooked is the use of schemas to properly tag your website content.

Schemas are important because schemas help define the entities on your site. What that means is that they make people, products, and things and the relationships between them more clear to the search crawlers. This extra context helps the search crawlers correctly match content to search intent.

Schemas can be crawled quickly and add extra context without adding visible content that might slow down the page.

Schemas help define the asset type and make it more likely to gain SERP visibility for videos, images, FAQs, reviews, recipes, job listings, and more.

So, how important are schemas for SEO? Officially they are not declared to be a ranking factor, but Milestone and Milestone Research sees gains of 20 to 40% on sites with error free advanced schemas implemented.


The search engines have been working on the definitions at for more than 9 years, and it makes sense that they would incorporate them into the SERPs and ranking factors to some degree. 

If you are looking for some practical advice on schemas, how they benefit your business and how they can be used to boost your SEO ranks, you’ll love this infographic. 

It’s a simple checklist of what schemas are, how search engines use them and the kind of impact your business might see by properly adding schemas to your website. Want to take it one step further?

Use Google’s free structured data testing tool or Rich Results Test to see how many schemas are on your website. Then compare what you find with the appropriate list of available schemas for your type of business at 

Did you know that adding schemas to your website can be a simple and painless process? Start with reading through our infographic – then get in touch – and we can explain how you can get schemas on your website in a painless and simple process that won’t disrupt your IT or website developers.

So, schemas are important because they give context that helps machines match content to human intent, and using them will give you an advantage in the coming year.

schema seo -, Milestone Inc.

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Learn how Milestone can help you gain an advantage with error-free advanced schemas for your site.

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