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Case Study: How Milestone Inc. Helped One Nevada Credit Union Build a New Website and Achieve 20% Loan Growth

Nov 24, 2023   |   Banking
Case Study: How Milestone Inc. Helped One Nevada Credit Union Build a New Website and Achieve 20% Loan Growth

One Nevada Credit Union, headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, embarked on a transformative journey to enhance its digital presence and overcome challenges associated with a fragmented user experience. This case study delves into the customer challenges, solutions implemented, and the importance of prioritizing customer experience to drive engagement in the ever-evolving landscape of financial services. The ability to provide a seamless and engaging digital experience has never been more important. One of the largest locally based credit unions in Nevada, One Nevada Credit Union undertook a transformative journey to revolutionize its digital presence and address critical challenges hindering user engagement. 

Customer Challenges: 

One Nevada Credit Union faced several challenges that hindered its ability to provide a seamless and efficient digital experience for its members. The key challenges included: 

  1. Dispersed information across five domains and over 1500 pages, leading to a lack of accountability. 
  2. Complex content management, security updates, traffic management, and tracking ROI on marketing campaigns. 
  3. Manual rates update process and 25+ individual integrations spread across domains. 

Milestone’s Solutions: 

To address these challenges, One Nevada Credit Union, in collaboration with Milestone, implemented a comprehensive set of solutions: 

  • Website Consolidation: Condensed five sites and 1500+ pages into a unified platform, simplifying navigation and improving user experience. 
  • Content Management System (CMS): Provided a robust CMS, Local, and FAQs management system to streamline content and enhance accountability. 
  • Marketing Campaign Channelization: Worked on a growth strategy to channelize marketing campaigns effectively, improving targeting and engagement. 
  • Automated Rates Update Process: Automated the rates update process, pulling in loan, deposit, and mortgage rates from a central repository for real-time accuracy. 
  • Integration Consolidation: Consolidated 25+ individual integrations onto a single platform for improved efficiency and centralized control. 

Results and Achievements: The implementation of these solutions led to significant improvements and tangible outcomes for One Nevada Credit Union: 

  • Enhanced User Experience: A streamlined, and cohesive website resulted in a smoother user experience with fewer clicks, making it easier for members to navigate. 
  • Improved Performance Metrics: Metrics and performance tracking became more transparent, enabling better measurement and understanding of user interactions. 
  • 66% Increase in Organic Traffic: A substantial increase in organic traffic was observed, signaling the success of the initiatives in attracting more users to the platform. 
  • Over 50% improvement in Conversions year over year: 250% increase in home loan application clicks, 51% increase in customers clicking to open an account, and 59% increase in mortgage loan applications, with all sitewide conversions experiencing significant improvement year over year. 
  • 20% + Loan Growth: The focus on digital transformation translated into tangible financial growth, with loan growth exceeding 20%, showcasing the impact on the credit union’s bottom line. 

One Nevada Credit Union – Website Design Results

Date Source: Data Source: Milestone Platform. Date Range: Jul 01, 2023, to Nov 30, 2023, vs Jul 01, 2022, to Nov 30, 2022, | Milestone website launch on Jun 29, 2023 

Looking Ahead: 

As One Nevada Credit Union continues to iterate and evolve its digital presence, plans for version 2.0 are already in motion. The success of the initial transformation has set the stage for ongoing enhancements to provide their customers and prospects with an even stronger experience, ensuring that the credit union remains at the forefront of digital innovation. 

Learn more about these strategies in a webinar featuring Steve O’Donnell, CFO of One Nevada Credit Union, Sundeep Kapur, Finance Industry Consultant, and Anil Aggarwal, CEO of Milestone.  


The collaboration between One Nevada Credit Union and Milestone showcases how your website can become a powerful growth engine and drive digital transformation at your credit union or the bank by using a platform that is focused on driving leads and customer acquisition. The next generation website for your bank should have 2 critical components:

  1.  Technology platform that is optimized for discovery and getting found by the consumers.
  2. And a website that has beautiful creative design with high quality content that is helpful to your consumers and can deliver great, personalized user experiences. 

By addressing user experience challenges head-on and implementing comprehensive customer-first solutions, the credit union has not only enhanced its online presence but also achieved significant financial growth. Request a demo of our CMS and explore our digital experience features. For more information, visit our website,, send us an email at [email protected] or call us at +1 408-200-2211.  

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