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Top Must-Haves for a Credit Union Website in 2024

Jan 22, 2024   |   Banking
Top Must-Haves for a Credit Union Website in 2024

In the quest for more engaging and personalized digital experiences, banks and credit unions are revolutionizing their websites. The transformative shift is turning the bank website into a lead-generation and customer acquisition channel rather than just an information distribution platform. If you are contemplating upgrading your current website or considering a new one, this article will outline critical must-haves for the next generation of bank and credit union sites. Subsequently, we’ll delve into the results achieved by One Nevada Credit Union, which successfully implemented these strategies. 

Learn more about these strategies in a webinar featuring Steve O’Donnell, CFO of One Nevada Credit Union, Sundeep Kapur, Finance Industry Consultant, and Anil Aggarwal, CEO of Milestone.  

Considerations for a New Website

As you embark on building a new site, focus on the following categories: 

  • Discovery – How will consumers find your website 
  • Experience – How can you drive great personalized experiences 
  • Conversion – Ensure your site delivers leads and facilitates customer acquisition 
  • Content management – Ease of use, website management, and security 
  • Analytics – Measure discovery and experience performance 

The following checklist outlines must-haves in each of these categories for the next generation of bank and credit union websites.

1. Discovery

  • Implement structured data markup for search engine understanding. 
  • Ensure site architecture and technology enable indexing and crawlability. 
  • Utilize Image Optimization with Vision API. 
  • Prioritize web page speed and Core Web Vitals experience. 
  • Optimize location pages for branches and GMB listing. 
  • Embrace Generative AI for ongoing content creation. 

2. Experience

3. Conversion

  • Develop structured customer journeys to drive lead-form conversions. 
  • Incorporate calculators and interactive elements. 

4. Website Management and Security 

  • Opt for an easy-to-use CMS manageable by non-technical users. 
  • Choose a website platform with built-in security for the banking industry. 

5. Analytics 

Implement analytics tools to measure discovery and experience performance. 


The increasing importance of omnichannel experience underscores the need to harness the power of AI, personalization, and local optimization for a robust digital presence. Credit union websites must continually evolve with advancing technology. Encouraging adaptability and embracing emerging trends in the digital landscape is crucial. Stay tuned for a comprehensive guide to elevate your credit union’s digital presence. Interested in redesigning your website? Request a demo of our CMS and explore our digital experience features. For more information, visit our website,, send us an email at [email protected] or call us at +1 408-200-2211.   

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