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How to Socialize Your Networks

Jun 06, 2011   |   Getting Social
Socialize Your Networks

Global socializationEstablishing different themes in your social network can give you a competitive edge in email marketing. To gain customer attention, showing your personality through socializing can effectively give them a unique impression of you and your team. Get your staff to tell their own stories—backgrounds, experiences and how they came to be working in your hotel/restaurant/resort. Setting yourself apart is key in this arena, so bring out the best of both you and your venue.

If you want to encourage guests to dine with you…

  • Introduce your new menu and how it’s been created.
  • Select some seasonal dishes to try at home.
  • Talk about your sustainably sourced foods and other supplier stories. Act like a travel agent and a personal guide…
  • Suggest some potential day trip itineraries highlighting local places of interest.
  • Give average temperature for the area if you have overseas visitors.
  • Suggest some potential holiday itineraries.
  • Explain what’s happening at other attractions in the area. And of course, don’t forget to talk about what you have planned, and great news you want to share…
  • What specials or offers you are running, and what’s in it for your customers to take up the offer?
  • Has your hotel or restaurant been featured in the news?
  • What awards have you entered and/or won?
  • Describe renovations and improvements you are making or you’ve now completed.
  • Tease your readers with sneak peeks of future promotions, offers and packages.

Having different themes and topics to discuss on your social networks will distinguish you from others, and gives reasons for users to follow you, Like you, or become your fan. Showing personality by socializing on unique stories, and offering great information and deals will help you gain customer attention and in the end drive more traffic to your business.

Contributed by: Zaid Ramadan, SEO Specialist, Milestone Internet Marketing

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