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Combining Social Media and Websites to Drive Fans & Conversions

Jul 07, 2011   |   Getting Social
Combining Social Media

A challenge hoteliers experience is how to effectively connect a website with a Facebook page. Here are some ideas and a case study that shows how to cross promote and increase ROI.

From March – June 2011, a hotel experienced the following results:

  1. More than doubled the average # of new Page Likes per day;
  2. Increased the monthly number of people sent to the booking engine from Facebook from 9 to 61.

Here’s how the hotel did it and what you could do too:

  1. Don’t just create any Facebook fangate. Create a Facebook fangate that offers users something valuable. Users will only click Like if they see value in Liking the page. For example, offer users 20% off their next reservation if they Like the page.
  2. Position the value in a fun, even mysterious way. Content on Facebook is not only informational, but it entertaining and engaging. For example, position the offer as a “Secret Offer – Special to Only Facebook Fans!”

Facebook Fangate Hotel Discount
For steps 1 and 2, create a Facebook fangate that offers value to the user. A fangate is a custom tab that shows certain content to Fans and different content to non-Fans. Make sure it’s something tangible and enticing enough that would compel the user to click Like.

  1. Make sure the Facebook link on your website is consistent with the theme of the promotion. For example, next to the Facebook link, put an attractive “Secret Offer” message that drives traffic to Facebook.
    Facebook secret promo code

On this booking engine, when the user hovers over the Facebook button next to the Promotion Code box, an enticing “Secret Promotion” lures guests to click on their Facebook button. Here, they will get the promotion code.

  1. On Facebook, offer a separate tab for Reservations. Since the user is now engaged and emotionally connected to your Facebook, offer them an opportunity to convert. Furthermore, reinforce the value of their joining your Facebook by position the reservations area as an exclusive area just for Facebook fans.
    Facebook Booking Engine

On this booking engine, the experience of exclusivity and value is heightened because the reservations area is positioned as “for members-only.”

It’s good to have a well optimized website. It’s great to have an engaging Facebook page. But how to bridge the two is a challenge. This article shows some easy ways to get your creative thoughts flowing, and see how the marketing channels can work for you.

Contributed by: Nelson Toriano, Sr. e-Strategist, Milestone Internet Marketing

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