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Milestone Schema Manager – Deploy Error-Free Advanced Schemas and Drive Entity Search Optimization

Nov 30, 2020   |   Search Experience Optimization, SEO
Milestone Schema Manager – Deploy error-free advanced schemas and drive Entity Search Optimization -, Milestone Inc.

Milestone’s new product – Schema Manager – takes a revolutionary approach to drive visibility of your website with advanced schemas, MINUS all complexities that schema implementations typically involve.

Industry has moved from Keyword-based to Entity-based SEO

From Google’s Panda to Rank Brain and their most recent BERT Algorithm in 2019, search has witnessed a paradigm shift – having moved from keywords-based SEO to Semantic SEO. Using entities, search engines can now understand ideas, concepts and characteristics, and their relationship with each other on the web and are not limited to a person, place, thing, etc., as was the case with keywords. Of course, with Semantic SEO the focus, schemas, and quality and relevant content have become the backbone of websites and they go hand-in-hand.


Since schemas give search engine bots the context of the website content and the relationship between entities on a website, they have proved to increase visibility and help website content experience top-funnel growth through search impressions, organic traffic and click-through rate. In addition, with search engine giants having more context of the website content, they help in the saturation of website content for FAQs, Q&A, Rich snippets, Recipes, Breadcrumbs and be displayed as featured snippets, which is the key instrument and recipe for voice search.

Despite the benefits that schemas have on website content, a relatively low portion of websites have schemas, in addition, the number of websites that have advanced nested schemas is miniscule.


Milestone Research Analyzed -, Milestone Inc.


Having schemas on a website is a complex process and businesses often overlook the silver lining of structured data due to the challenges such as the fact that schemas have a complex architecture which requires IT Developer + Content Writer + SEO Expertise for implementation and deployment. In addition, the continuous vocabulary and website content update changes require a thoroughbred monitoring system to ensure continuous validation of schemas.

Schemas Validation -, Milestone Inc.

That said, imagine that you could get a hold of a do-it-yourself schema markup software that needs no coding expertise for your business and prompts you towards choosing the ‘right’ schemas? Pretty cool, isn’t it? Well, that’s what Milestone Schema Manager is all about.

What is Milestone Schema Manager?

Just launched, Milestone Schema is a zero-coding-required schema deployment software with a comprehensive schema health monitoring system to ensure your website stays error-free. FOREVER.

How will Milestone Schema Manager benefit my business?

Milestone Schema Manager helps you add schema markup to thousands of website pages with a few clicks. It has an on-screen editor that lets you view your website in edit mode, select content, add schema tags and deploy to multiple pages while Milestone Schema Testing Tool scans schemas for any errors and warnings. The tool can be integrated into any CMS and has segmented reporting for errors, warnings and impact reporting for Rich Result Growth and Universal SERP saturation.

Here are some benefits of Milestone’s Schema Solution offered through Schema Manager:


Creation of a nested schema architecture


Cloud Implementation (JSON-LD code via Tag Manager)


Seamless deployment and maintenance with no dependency on IT resources


Ongoing maintenance through automation


Increased traffic with error-free advanced schema using techniques proven at scale


Lowest cost of ownership

Schema Manager can be purchased as a standalone or as a part of our other offerings on Milestone Presence Cloud. With this latest addition, we take a giant leap towards making Milestone Presence Cloud a truly omnichannel digital marketing platform that helps you win your customers across the entire customer journey – Reach, Act, Engage, Convert. With Schema Manager, your ‘Reach’ goals shall shoot through the roof.

Having worked on 9,800+ schema projects in the past gave us perspective on the most effective way of implementing advanced or nested schemas in a hierarchical structure to give search bots a clear context of the website content and the relationship between entities.

Schema Manager takes business through the whole process ensuring the businesses have to toil less to have their content visible on search.

If you wish for your business to have this cool feature and the plethora of benefits it comes with, call us on +1 408 200 2211 or write to us at [email protected].

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