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Stay up-to-date on the digital marketing strategies, techniques, and technology that impact your business. From websites, SEO, social, local, paid, the Milestone Inc. blog will help you manage digital transformation and optimize the digital experience. Learn the latest on schemas, AMP, Core Vitals, Local, reviews, and more.
PPC Keywords

Learn How Your PPC Keywords Compare to Your Competitors

May 24, 2012   |   Web Design and Promotion
It’s known that quality scores are the primary measure of a keywords relevancy and an indicator of future performance. As such, we havegone into great detail as to how quality...
Facebook Ad Performance

5 Tips for Better Facebook Ad Performance

May 24, 2012   |   Web Design and Promotion
Advertisers no longer question, should I run Facebook ads but instead how can I run successful Facebook ads? As advertisers experiment with Facebook ads here are some proven...
Maximizing PPC ROI Using Negative Keywords

How To Maximize Your PPC Budget: Use Negative Keywords

April 24, 2012   |   Web Design and Promotion
While many businesses may be engaged in Pay Per Click advertising, there may be a few who are not taking advantage of using negative keywords. In this article, we will outline the...
Review Management

Review Management: the Front Desk of your Online Equity

April 24, 2012   |   Getting Social
Reviews can be one of the most powerful means of connecting with guests, building brand loyalty, and driving brand messages for hotels. Moreover, reviews are a great way of...
Using Social Media to Launch or Migrate Your Website

Using Social Media to Launch or Migrate Your Website

April 24, 2012   |   Getting Social
Building a high volume of traffic for a new website can be an incredibly time and cost-intensive process. Leveraging multiple social media channels can have a significant positive...
Internet Advertising Competition Award Winning Agency

Milestone Wins Prestigious Awards for Outstanding Website Design...

April 24, 2012   |   Industry News
Milestone Internet Marketing has received top honors from this year’s Internet Advertising Competition (IAC) Awards, capturing four awards for outstanding website design,...
Social Fans

Social Fans: If You Ask, They Will Come

April 23, 2012   |   Getting Social
The most common challenge amongst businesses on social media is building a fanbase or “likes.” This seemingly challenging concept actually has a very simple solution: ask...
Maximize Your PPC ROI

How to Maximize Your PPC ROI

April 23, 2012   |   Web Design and Promotion
Whether you are working with a smaller budget or simply looking to cut down on costs, spending your PPC budget wisely is more important than ever. Instead of simply pausing your...
Multi-Channel Marketing for Hotels

Top 5 Reasons for Using a Multi-Channel Marketing Funnel

April 23, 2012   |   Web Design and Promotion
Knowing your basic web analytics will allow you to gauge the performance of your website fairly accurately; however, it can be misleading to rely only on basic analytics as they...
Enhanced Pay-Per-Click Sitelink Extensions

Enhanced Pay-Per-Click Sitelink Extensions

March 26, 2012   |   Web Design and Promotion
Enhanced pay-per-click sitelink extensions offer advertisers additional exposure by incorporating expanded copy on sitelinks and aim to prompt higher click-through-rates by...
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