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How to do video and YouTube SEO and marketing Milestone Inc

Guide to YouTube Optimization and YouTube SEO

January 7, 2022   |   Social, Videos
Employing a specific YouTube and video strategy to drive your business success during 2022 will be key to ensuring your customer relationship will sustain and grow throughout...
Online Videos – How to Optimize for Search

Online Videos – How to Optimize for Search

September 21, 2015   |   Getting Social, Videos
Why do we need to make our video searchable? Having a video is no longer useful unless it is created with search engine optimization in...
Marketing with Twitter Video

Twitter Video Bandwagon

Facebook is not the only social channel that jumped on the video wagon. Twitter announced, January 2015, a new video feature allowing users (People and Business pages) to capture...
Pay Per Click Channels for Your Business [Video]

Pay Per Click Channels for Your Business [Video]

December 16, 2013   |   Digital Media Marketing, Videos
  In the past few years, there has been an upward trend of travelers booking online. Travelers gather all the information required for decision making from many different...
Hello Hummingbird! [Video]

Hello Hummingbird! [Video]

December 11, 2013   |   Industry News, Speaking Our Minds, Videos
Google's Hummingbird delivers users highly relevant results no matter how or where they search...

Yelp! I Need More PPC… [Video]

Are you capitalizing on your existing Yelp listing? Here is a great opportunity to take advantage of this invaluable local real estate and drive more revenue to your property....