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Website Optimization – Speedy Download Time

Oct 24, 2011   |   Web Design and Promotion
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Website Optimization

by Jaydev Mandaliya, Technical Support Lead, Milestone Internet Marketing

There are a lot of on-site factors that lead to a high performance website.

Download time is a huge factor for ranking a site. YSlow & Page Speed are tools developed by Google and Yahoo to measure download time & site performance.

Website speed performance overview

Based on these standards, the following tips can help reduce your site’s download time, thus improving the site’s performance:

  1. Make the website’s structure simple and easy to navigate. Do not create complex structures and navigation where visitors can get lost and  leave a website.
  2. Content should be clean and well formatted on the page. While updating the back-end of a website, do not copy and paste content directly from a word document. Instead, use notepad to remove any formatting issues. Also, make sure that content is unique and fresh. Search engines flag pages that have duplicate content; therefore, it is important not to use any duplicate content for the site.
  3. A flashy layout can downgrades the site performance. Layouts should be lightweight. Do not use flash for animation. Use the latest HTML technology and create a simple and smooth layout. Giant companies always go with a simple but readable attractive layout like Google, Apple, MSN, Yahoo etc…
    Page speed grade
  4. Images are the second major elements that increase page weight. Use optimized images for your website. Do not use very large-sized images as it slows the site speed.
  5. Avoid unknown third party widgets. If necessary, only install well-known widgets on the site. Do not use multiple widgets on the page as this can slow down the page load time.

Always keep an eye on your site’s performance and do not compromise its performance and download time for minor images, look, widgets, etc.

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