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“Use”-ability, What? [Video]

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Tips for Usability – From the Organic Team

Here on the Organic Team, it is a pivotal role to ensure relevancy and performance metrics to all of our clients. Usability Studies offer our clients just that – when people come to your site, you want your visitors to find what they are looking for without a struggle, providing them with ease and confidence in their decision. A Usability study will help your user find exactly what they are looking for without a shovel in hand.

Usability combines many factors together to create the perfect picture ranging from design, functionality, structure, information architecture, and more. Users come to a website with particular needs in mind. We, the keepers of the website, need to know what those goals are and align them with our visitors’ goals.

Here at milestone we analyze your audience needs and goals deeper and understand what motivates them to book rooms? For example, if your guest is primarily business people they would respond well to features like free WiFi and shuttles to local business and airports they would not care how close your property is to tourist attractions. However, people traveling with kids would care about pools, water parks and budget friendly packages and extended stay.

A Usability study will provide you a deep analysis of your market and target audience.

With a better understanding of you audience come a better alignment o f your message with the audience accepting it.

In addition our analysis will:

  • Evaluate Website
  • Analyze content in Analytics
  • Follow user activity in Analytics
  • Create a list of suggestions
  • Implement changes

To find out how to customize a usability study today, contact your Account Manager today.

What to expect:

  • Targeted audience with needs meet.
  • Solid delivery of USP
  • Improved Conversions
  • Clicks to booking engine
  • Increase Bookings
  • Number of clicks increase to customized Packages
  • Better/More Reviews
  • Highlight benefits that matter
  • Less time to understand, quicker reservations

To find out more or how to sign up for a usability study, talk to your Account Manager and start your custom usability study today!

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