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Current State of SEO Ranking Factors

Jun 08, 2011   |   Web Design and Promotion
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SEO Ranking Factors

SMX Seattle SEO Periodic TableThere are a few important SEO factors that affect how a website is ranked on the search engines in today’s times. These can be divided into technical and non-technical factors. These factors play a huge role in how your site ranks on the results pages. Here is a list of the important factors:

  • Page Size: The longer the site takes to load, the lower the page rank is. Adding banners, large photos etc. will not only take longer to load making a website less user friendly but will also impact your ranking.
  • Keyword rich meta data: Search engines place a lot of importance on the keywords in the header tags on the page and this metric is highly correlated with high ranking.
  • Keywords in URL: Having a keyword rich URL also plays a role in ranking your website higher on the search engine result pages.
  • External Links: Having links pointing in to your website affect your rankings positively.
  • Facebook Shares: Social media, especially the number of Facebook Shares, is the highest correlated factor with top rankings.
  • Localization: Local results are dominating the search results in today’s online world so pay attention to them. Getting local links and having your local pages claimed and optimized affect your ranking.
  • Content Is always KING: Last but not the least, fresh relevant content is very important to the search engines. Having good quality, relevant content can help a lot in ranking your website well on the search engine result pages.

The key takeaways from this SMX Advanced Seattle session on The New Periodic Table of SEO are:

  • Make a user-friendly and well optimized website
  • Make sure the content is fresh and relevant on your website
  • Social media especially number of shares on Facebook is a highly correlated factor to ranking well on the search engines.
  • First movers have advantage as new ranking factors are introduced so go ahead and test new features such as Google’s +1

Matthew Brown, Founder, AudienceWise
Rand Fishkin, CEO, SEOmoz
Duane Forrester, Senior Program Manager SEO, Microsoft
Jeff MacGurn, Director of SEO, Covario

Contributed by: Bhawna Sharma, Milestone Internet Marketing

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