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Real world linkbuilding

Nov 10, 2011   |   Web Design and Promotion
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Real world linkbuilding

Linkbuilding is still important to build traffic and relevancy for a website. Is it ok to buy paid links is a bog question in everyone’spubcon small12mind. As long as links are bought from websites which has real value and you have reasons to link, paying them for a listing is ok.

Evaluating a links risk and value

1)      Link Cost

  1. Price of the link
  2. Price of removing link and likelihood of necessity

2)      Measuring link value

  1. MOZRank test
  2. Relevancy of the page from where you get the link.

Every link should have a reason.

1)      Fact citation links

2)      Content attribution link

3)      Interest link


Link building is still very important to build citations and relevancy for a website. Use the right strategies to build links.

Speakers: Aaron Shear, Russ Jones, Alex Pyatetsky, Dixon Jones

Moderator: Adam Sussman

Contributed by – Justin Varghese, ROI Manager, Milestone Internet Marketing Inc.

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