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Visitors To Customers

Convert Your Visitors To Customers

September 2, 2009   |   Web Design and Promotion
When navigation attempts to fail by not providing required search results, 50% of the users turn to...
Secrets Revealed

Google AdWords, Google Analytics and Website Optimizer: Secrets...

September 2, 2009   |   Web Design and Promotion
This Google sponsored session at the Search Engine Strategies 2009 conference in San Jose revealed some of the latest updates on the new Adwords interface, Website Optimizer, and...
Improve Landing Page Conversion

5 ways to Improve Landing Page Conversion

August 6, 2009   |   Web Design and Promotion
Every page of every website ought to be optimized. However, you might find a landing page within your site you felt was fully optimized, but has a bounce rate that is alarming. By...
Linkbuilding and Building Content

Using Flickr for Linkbuilding and Building Content

August 6, 2009   |   Getting Social, Web Design and Promotion
Social Media channels are a great way to promote your product and to obtain inbound links to your website. Flickr is an excellent tool for building great visibility and exposure...
Writing Killer Ad Copy

Writing Killer Ad Copy, The Interactive Edition.

June 17, 2009   |   Web Design and Promotion
During SMX Advance, we attended a phenomenal session on writing killer adcopy. Session was moderated by Matt Van Wagner and speakers included Craig Danuloff from ClickEquations,...
SEO Ranking Factors

SEO Ranking Factors

June 10, 2009   |   Web Design and Promotion
Awesome session was arranged featuring SEO ranking factors in 2009. Danny is moderating the session and Rand Fishkin from SEO Moz, Laura Lippay from Yahoo and Marty Weintraub from...
Mythbusting PPC Urban Legends

Mythbusting PPC Urban Legends

June 10, 2009   |   Web Design and Promotion
Great session and panel presented few common myths on ppc and right strategy. Topics included commen concerns about bidding high or low, geotarget your campaigns or not, is...
Competitive Analysis

In Depth Competitive Analysis for SEO

June 9, 2009   |   Web Design and Promotion
Majority of competitive analysis is examining a competitor’s in-link structure – both quantity and quality. Search engines place the most weight on link-building. The better...
Essential Title Tag Strategies

7 Most Essential Title Tag Strategies

Title tags are the single most important ranking component on the page. A good title tag communicates to search engines what a page is about. It also compels users to want to view...
Top Things To Check Before Making Your Site Live

Top Items to Check Before Making Your Site Live

June 8, 2009   |   Web Design and Promotion
The overall performance of your website is dependent on several key factors. These elements are important for search engines, site visitors, and the impact on overall conversion...