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5 ways to Improve Landing Page Conversion

Aug 06, 2009   |   Web Design and Promotion
Improve Landing Page Conversion

SEO experts advise to examine the bounce rates of every page of the site. Every page served technically should describe your feature of your product, and offer an opportunity to convert. Moreover, take a look at a single page’s bounce rate. If it is optimized fully, but have a bounce rate above 50%, then you need to examine content.

Here are 5 tips on how to revamp poorly performing landing pages.

  1. Reassuring policies – Privacy policies, guarantees, rebates, returns, etc. Let the viewer know you are a trustworthy brand and it is safe to purchase from you.
  2. Testimonials – Testimonials from other customers help in conversions.
  3. Don’t be too forward – Omit credit card forms or any other form that can occur as being too forward. RFPs that invite the viewer to receive a phone call from you are acceptable. But the objective is to be nice to the viewer, build consumer trust, increase the duration of their interest in you, and finally convert the user.
  4. Email collection – In addition to RFPs, offer other means to start conversations with consumers. Although it does not have a direct correlation to lowering bounce rates, it is an inexpensive way to increase user retention.
  5. Analyze bounce rate – Compare your most effective pages against your least effective. Is there content that is not compelling enough? Does it occur as alienating to a first time user? Should verbiage need to be rewritten? The goal is lower bounce rate.

Increasing consumer retention offers a higher probability of viewer conversion. That is why looking at bounce rates and improving the content of landing pages is necessary. Not only do you want to take a nice and inviting tone on every landing page, but also offer a means to build a relationship with that viewer. These 5 steps serve as a checklist for a means to do just that.

Contributed by: Nelson E. Toriano, Milestone Internet Marketing

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