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Using Flickr for Linkbuilding and Building Content

Linkbuilding and Building Content

GravitiLet’s talk Flickr! Flickr is one of the most popular online photo sharing sites. Apart from getting links, this is a great place for free valuable content. There are several different ways to use Flickr.

A photo shared on Flickr can be used for building inbound links that drive exposure and web traffice by utilizing the comments section. However, one of the best ways to use the comments section is by developing content that conveys the value of the product.

Here’s how we start:

    • Define your Target Market: After creating a Flickr account and updating pictures decide who your target markets are
      For hotels – Meeting Space, Vacations and Getaways, Family Vacationers, Budget Travelers, Attractions, Conventions, etc.


      • Join these groups


        • Build Content and get interactive at least once a week: Build a team of expert writers to create content.


        • Describe the picture or offer – Use comments section under each picture to describe the promotion/ offer and provide link to your site featuring that offer.

        The Result:

        • Flickr is a great way to secure many links to websites, and the number of links can continue to increase with good promotion.

        Reference: Getting Links AND Content From Flickr by Lisa Barone.

        Contributed by: Bhuvana Krishnan, Milestone Internet Marketing

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